Talpur (Balochi: بلوچ, Sindhi: سنڌي ) is a Sindhi speaking Baloch tribe of Hoth Baloch Branch [1][2] settled in Sindh Punjab and Balochistan in Pakistan.

The Talpur Baloch soon gained power and overthrew the Kalhora after the Battle of Halani. Peace between the two warring tribes was soon established after the Mughal Emperor Akbar Shah II issued a Firman in the year 1783, which designated Mir Fateh Ali Khan Talpur as the new Nawab of Sindh. This brought an end to the ferocious fighting and the defeat of the ruling Kalhora by the Talpur tribes.[3]

Talpur dynasty

The Talpur dynasty (Urdu: سلسله تالپور) (Balochi: ٽالپور خاندان) was a dynasty of the Talpur Baloch tribe that conquered and ruled Sindh, and other parts of present-day Pakistan, from 1783 to 1843. The Talpur dynasty was defeated by the British invaders in 1843 at the Battle of Miani.[4]

TenureAmir of Khairpur
1775–1811Sohrab Khan
1811 - 20 December 1842Rustam Ali Khan
1829–1839Mubarak Ali Khan (challenger)
1839–1842Nasser Khan (challenger)
20 December 1842 - 2 April 1894Ali Murad Khan
2 April 1894 – 6 March 1909Faiz Mohammad Khan I
6 March 1909 – 8 February 1921Imam Bakhsh Khan
8 February 1921 – 25 June 1921Interregnum
25 June 1921 – 25 December 1935Ali Nawaz Khan
25 December 1935 – 19 July 1947Faiz Mohammad Khan II
19 July 1947 – 14 October 1955George Ali Murad Khan
14 October 1955State of Khairpur abolished

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