Taiji Tonoyama

Taiji Tonoyama
Native name 殿山 泰司
Born (1915-10-17)October 17, 1915
Died April 30, 1989(1989-04-30) (aged 73)
Occupation Actor

Taiji Tonoyama (殿山 泰司 Tonoyama Taiji, 19151989) was a Japanese character actor who made many appearances in films and on television from 1939 to 1989.[1] He was a close friend of Kaneto Shindo and one of his regular cast members.[2] He was also an essayist. In 1950 he helped form the film company Kindai Eiga Kyokai with Shindo and Kozaburo Yoshimura.

He served in the Japanese military in China in the Second Sino-Japanese War and considered himself to have narrowly escaped from death.[2] He was married but also had a mistress and maintained relationships with both women until the end of his life.[2] He was a keen reader of detective stories and a fan of jazz music.[2] He wrote a series of semi-autobiographical essays under the title Sanmon Yakusha (三文役者), meaning "third rate actor". Kaneto Shindo wrote a biography of Tonoyama called Sanmon yakusha no shi,[n 1] meaning "The death of a third-rate actor", which he also filmed as By Player.[2][3]


Date Title Type Role
1947 Record of a Tenement Gentleman Film
1951 The Tale of Genji Film
1952 Dedication of the Great Buddha Film
1952 Avalanche Film
1952 Children of Hiroshima Film
1953 Epitome Film
1953 Life of a Woman Film
1953 Jazz musume tanjō Film
1955 Wolf Film
1956 Shirogane Shinjū Film
1956 An Actress Film
1957 Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate Film
1959 My Second Brother Film
1959 Good Morning Film Door-to-door salesman
1959 Lucky Dragon No. 5 Film Mayor of Yaizu
1960 The Naked Island Film Husband
1963 Kanto Wanderer Film
1962 Foundry Town Film
Ningen Film Kamegoro
1963 The Insect Woman Film
1964 Onibaba Film Ushi
1965 Akuto Film
1968 Kuroneko Film Farmer
1971 A Soul to Devils Film
1972 The Rendezvous Film
1974 The Homeless Film
1976 In the Realm of the Senses Film Old beggar
1976 Torakku Yarō: Tenka Gomen Film
1977 The Life of Chikuzan
1977 Ballad of Orin Film Charcoal Man
1978 Empire of Passion Film
1979 Vengeance Is Mine Film Tanejiro Shibata
1979 Tantei Monogatari (episode 6) TV Boss of Kyoei Shoji
1981 Eijanaika Film
1981 Edo Porn Film Woodcarver
1983 The Ballad of Narayama Film
1985 Seburi monogatari Film
1986 Tree Without Leaves Film Sakuzo
1987 Zegen Film
1989 Black Rain Film


Date Romanized title Original title Notes ISBN
1969 Nihon onna chizu: shizen wa nikutai ni donna eikyo o ataeru ka 日本女地図: 自然は、肉体にどんな影響を与えるのか A comparison of women's bodies, particularly their vaginas, in different parts of Japan. ISBN 978-4-04-154201-9
1980 Sanmon yakusha anaki den parts one to three 三文役者あなあきい伝PART1~PART3 ISBN 978-4-480-02937-9


  1. 三文役者の死


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