Tagmatarchis, in more archaic context transliterated as Tagmatarches (Greek: Ταγματάρχης, abbreviated as Τχης), anglicized as Tagmatarch, is used in the Greek language to mean "Major". More precisely, it means "commander of a tagma".

The rank dates to Antiquity and was also used in the Byzantine Empire. In the modern Hellenic Army, the rank is superior to a Lokhagos (captain) and inferior to an Antisyntagmatarchis (Lieutenant Colonel), and held either usually by battalion (tagma) executive officers (battalions are typically commanded by Lieutenant Colonels). In this case they are addressed as "Kyrie Ypodioikita" (Κύριε υποδιοικητά), or simply as "Kyrie Tagmatarcha" (Κύριε Ταγματάρχα) in other cases.

Greek commissioned officer ranks
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Navy: Simaioforos & Anthypoploiarchos Ypoploiarchos Plotarchis Antiploiarchos Ploiarchos Archiploiarchos Yponavarchos Antinavarchos Navarchos
Army: Anthypolochagos & Ypolochagos Lochagos Tagmatarchis Antisyntagmatarchis Syntagmatarchis Taxiarchos Ypostratigos Antistratigos Stratigos
Air Force: Anthyposminagos & Yposminagos Sminagos Episminagos Antisminarchos Sminarchos Taxiarchos Aeroporias Ypopterarchos Antipterarchos Pterarchos
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