Tadeusz Stefan Zieliński

Tadeusz Stefan Zieliński (Russian: Фадде́й Фра́нцевич Зели́нский; near Uman, Kiev Governorate, Russian Empire, September 14, 1859 – May 8, 1944, Schondorf, Upper Bavaria) was a prominent Polish classical philologist, historian, translator of Sophocles, Euripides and other classical authors into Russian. Author of works on history of ancient Greek culture and religion, classical education, and popularizaton of classical studies (published largely in Russian and German). Professor at the University of St. Petersburg (1890–1922), then at Warsaw University for 17 years (1922–1939) in the interwar Poland. Recipient of Honorary doctorates from the Jagiellonian University, Kraków (1930), and twelve western European universities. Between 1933–1939 Zieliński was a member of the prestigious Polish Academy of Literature.[1] His daughter became wife of Prof. Vladimir Beneshevich executed by the Soviet regime in 1938. Adrian Piotrovsky was his natural son.



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