TP 52

TP 52

Class symbol

TP52 Container at the Audi MedCup races in Cascais, 2011
LOA 15.85 m (52 ft 0 in)

The Transpac 52 (TP52) is a class of yacht used for competitive yacht racing. The class is recognised by the International Sailing Federation which entitles the class to hold an Official World Championships.


The TP52 Class has grown from a non registered club of like minded yachtsmen inspired by Tom Pollack to a fully member controlled, registered and ISAF recognised Class with a proper set of Bylaws, an Annual Meeting, an Executive Committee made up out of the Members and a Class President who also has to be a Member.

The original intention was to provide a yacht capable for both inshore and offshore sailing specifically the Transpacific Yacht Race however with the decline in IMS racing, the class became popular in Europe. A professional inshore tour was established for Europe called the MedCup. The boats continue to win both inshore and offshore and recent rule changes help keep the class at the forefront of competitive racing.


World Championship

Event Gold Silver Bronze
2008 Yaiza  Quantum Racing (USA)
Terry Hutchinson
 Mutua Madrileña (CHI)
Vasco Vascotto
 Platoon (GER)
Jochen Schümann
2009 Palma  Matador (ARG)
Alberto Roemmers
 Quantum Racing (USA)
Terry Hutchinson
 Artemis Racing (SWE)
Torbjörn Törnqvist
2010 Valencia  Quantum Racing (USA)
Terry Hutchinson
 Matador (ARG)
Alberto Roemmers
 Synergy (RUS)
Yevgeny Neugodnikov
2011 Porto Cervo  Quantum Racing (USA)
Ed Baird
 Container (GER)
Markus Wieser
 Gladiator (GBR)
Tony Langley
2013 Miami  Rán Racing (SWE)  Azzurra (ITA)  Quantum Racing (USA)
2014 Porto Cervo  Quantum Racing (USA)  Phoenix (BRA)  Rán Racing (SWE)
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