Túrós csusza

Túrós csusza
Place of origin Hungary
Main ingredients Noodles or pasta, quark
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Túrós csusza is a Hungarian savoury quark cheese noodle dish[1] made with small home-made noodles or pasta. Túrós csusza is a traditional pasta dish in Hungarian cuisine.

Traditionally, noodles used for this dish are home-made with flour and eggs, mixed into a dough, and torn by hand into uneven fingernail-sized pieces that are then boiled in water. Spaghetti, fusilli or large egg macaroni bows can also be used instead of the home-made noodles.

The noodles are cooked in salt water and drained, mixed with butter, crumbled quark (traditionally made from sheep milk), chopped, fried, crispy bacon, topped with thick Hungarian sour cream (tejföl) and lightly salted. The mixture is then heated in the oven for a few minutes before serving.

Other Hungarian pasta dishes


Cheese pasta

The pasta is cooked in salt water and drained, mixed with butter. Layers of the cooked pasta, alternating with layers of grated cheese are baked in the oven.

Cabbage squares

Cabbage square[2] or Cabbage and Noodles[3] is a savoury Hungarian pasta dish.

Macaroni bows or home-made thin pasta squares (like tiny mini lasagne) are boiled in salted water, drained, and mixed with some cooking oil or fat. The finely grated cabbage is slowly sautéed in a bowl with oil or fat, with salt, freshly ground black pepper and a pinch of sugar, until it becomes golden brown. The cabbage is then mixed into the hot pasta, and served immediately.


Walnut pasta

Layers of pasta, jam and ground walnuts mixed with sugar, finished with noodles, are placed into a buttered pan. The dish is heated in the oven for a short while and served hot.

Poppy seed pasta

Cooked pasta is blended with melted butter in a pan. Sugar and ground poppy seeds are mixed and sprinkled on the hot noodles, and served immediately. This dish is also a Polish meal and a Polish Christmas dish.

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