National symbols of the Netherlands

Symbols of the Netherlands are items or symbols that have symbolic meaning to, or represent, the Netherlands.There symbols are seen in official capacities, such as flags, coats of arms, postage stamps, and currency, and in URLs. They appear less formally as recurring themes in literature, art and folk art, heraldry, monuments, clothing, personal decoration, and as the names of parks, bridges, streets, and clubs. The less formal manifestations may be classified as national emblems.

Official symbols


The Flag of the Netherlands

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Netherlands

Dutch orange lion

One of the symbols with which the Dutch associate themselves, is with a Lion: called the Dutch Lion. The symbol is especially widely used with football.

National Anthem



The colour orange has long been associated with the Netherlands due to William of Orange.

Other things commonly associated with the Netherlands include tulips, clogs, Gouda cheese and windmills.

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