Sydney International Regatta Centre

Sydney International Regatta Centre Bridge

The Sydney International Regatta Centre, located in Penrith, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is a rowing and canoe sprint venue built for the 2000 Summer Olympics.[1] It is now a popular sporting venue, with the Head of the River Regatta held annually here.

Defqon.1 Weekend Festival Australia is also held here; as a newly established and reasonably popular hard dance music event Defqon.1 Festival requires a large venue which is somewhat removed from residences, making the Regatta Centre an ideal location.

In May 2012 the second round of the UIM world powerboat championships for Blown Alcohol and 6 Litre boats was held here over 3 days and will return in 2013

It is part of the Penrith Lakes.

The site is managed by NSW Sport and Recreation.


The Sydney International Regatta Centre was built on land that used to be a quarry for gravel and sandstone until it was remediated as part of the Penrith Lakes Scheme. The goal of the Penrith Lakes Scheme is to turn the area into a recreational space for the local community, the Regatta Centre was the first part built for the scheme so it could be used of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.[2] It was part of the first stage to be completed for the scheme and was built in time for the Sydney 2000 Olympic games.[3]

Sydney 2000 Olympic Events

During the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games the Regatta Centre held the rowing events and the canoe sprint events.

Canoe Sprint
C-1 500m Men
C-1 1000m Men
C-2 500m Men
C-2 1000m Men
K-1 500 Men Women
K-1 1000m Men
K-2 500m Men Women
K-2 1000m Men
K-4 500m Women
K-4 1000m Men
Single sculls Men Women
Coxless pair Men Women
Double sculls Men Women
Lwt double sculls Men Women
Coxless four Men
Quadruple sculls Men Women
Eight Men Women
Lwt coxless four Men

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