Swiss National Library

Schweizerische Nationalbibliothek
Bibliothèque nationale suisse
Biblioteca nazionale svizzera
(Swiss National Library)

The Swiss National Library building in Berne
Established 1895 (1895)
Reference to legal mandate Law about the Swiss National Library (available in German, French and Italian)
Location Berne, Switzerland
Coordinates 46°56′29″N 7°26′59″E / 46.94139°N 7.44972°E / 46.94139; 7.44972Coordinates: 46°56′29″N 7°26′59″E / 46.94139°N 7.44972°E / 46.94139; 7.44972
Branches 1 (Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel)
Items collected books, journals, newspapers, magazines, maps, official publications, posters, drawings and manuscripts
Size 5.1M items
Criteria for collection Helvetica: publications published in Switzerland or written by Swiss authors or concerning Switzerland
Legal deposit No, but agreements with publishers
Access and use
Access requirements Reading rooms: free.
Registration for lending: be Swiss resident or citizen over 18
Circulation 78,000 (2007)
Other information
Budget 32.9M Swiss francs (2008, incl. internal federal costing; $31.8M, 2nd quarter 2008)
Director Ms. Marie-Christine Doffey (since 2005)
Staff 160 (124 FTE)
Website Official website in English

The Swiss National Library is part of the Federal Office of Culture. Under the terms of the law which governs it, it is charged with collecting, cataloging and conserving information in all fields and disciplines, and in any medium, connected with Switzerland, as well as with ensuring the widest possible accessibility to and dissemination of such data.

The Swiss National Library is intended to be open to all, and, by the breadth and scope of its collection, it aims to reflect the plurality and diversity of Swiss culture. It is a heritage site of national significance.[1]

The institution has been going through a period of change since 1990. This phase was given the name of RAMSES: Reorganisation for an Automated Management System and Enhanced Services. The principal objective of this project was to modernise the structure and operation of the Library and to increase services to borrowers and users with a view to transforming the Library into an information centre of truly national proportions.


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