Swaziland Reformed Church

Swaziland Reformed Church was found in 1946 and become a congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa in 1967. Later Swaziland Mission Committee was formed and Swaziland become a Regional Synod of the denomination. In 1991 the Swaziland Reformed Church become independent ad has about 33 communities.[1] The church was a member of the Reformed Ecumenical Council and later the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[2]


The Swaziland Reformed Church was founded in 1947 when Rev. Frikki Malan come to Swaziland. He was followed by Jan Greyling and Louis Swanepoel. They divided the country and each minister took responsibility for one part. On January 31, 1967 these parts united and become a part of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa (DRCSA). Northern Transvaal, Southern Transvaal and Western Transvaal Synods of the DRCSA sponsored financially the work in Swaziland. Rev Johannes Malan and Rev. Pretorius arrived in 1977 and 1978. The country was divided this time 3 parts. The fourth minister was called in 1980. In 1987 these churches founded in Swaziland formed into a Synod within the DRCSA. In April 1989 the Regional Synod was formed. In 1991 the independent Reformed Church in Swaziland was formed, and no longer belonged to the DRCSA. The first native minister was Musa Shongwe.[3] The church is active in the fight against HIV/AIDS.[4]



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