Swartzia langsdorffii
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Fabales
Family: Fabaceae
Subfamily: Faboideae
Tribe: Swartzieae
Genus: Swartzia

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Swartzia is a genus of legume in the Fabaceae family. It was named in honor of Swedish botanist Olaus Swartz and contains about 200 species. Swartzia is restricted in its geographical distribution to the New World Tropics, where it occurs primarily in lowland rainforests, but also in savannas, pre-montane forests, and tropical dry forests. While it can be found throughout the wet lowlands from Mexico and the Caribbean islands to southern Brazil and Bolivia, Swartzia is most abundant and species-rich in Amazonia, where 10–20 species may co-occur at a single site. The species of Swartzia are mostly trees, ranging from small understory treelets to large canopy emergents. Some species, especially in savannas, are mult-stemmed shrubs.

List of species

More than 200 species have been described:[1][2]

  • Swartzia acreana R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia acutifolia Vogel
  • Swartzia amazonica Moore
  • Swartzia amplifolia Harms
  • Swartzia amshoffiana R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia angustifolia Schery
  • Swartzia anomala R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia apetala Raddi
    • var. apetala Raddi
    • var. glabra (Vogel) R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia apiculata R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia aptera DC.
  • Swartzia arborescens (Aubl.) Pittier
  • Swartzia argentea Spruce ex Benth.
  • Swartzia auriculata Poepp.
  • Swartzia bahiensis R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia bannia Sandwith
  • Swartzia benthamiana Miq.
  • Swartzia bombycina R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia brachyrachis Harms
  • Swartzia buntingii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia cabrerae R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia calva R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia canescens Torke[3]
  • Swartzia cardiosperma Spruce ex Benth.
  • Swartzia caribaea Griseb.
  • Swartzia caudata R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia colombiana (R. S. Cowan) Torke[4]
  • Swartzia conferta Spruce ex Benth.
  • Swartzia corrugata Benth.
  • Swartzia costata (Rusby) R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia cowanii Steyerm.
  • Swartzia cubensis (Britton & P. Wilson) Standl.katalox[5]
  • Swartzia cupavenensis R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia curranii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia cuspidata Spruce ex Benth.
  • Swartzia davisii Sandwith
  • Swartzia dipetala Willd. ex Vogel
  • Swartzia discocarpa Ducke
  • Swartzia dolichopoda R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia duckei Huber
  • Swartzia emarginata (Ducke) Torke[4]
  • Swartzia eriocarpa Benth.
  • Swartzia fanshawei R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia fimbriata Ducke
  • Swartzia flaemingii Raddi
  • Swartzia floribunda Benth.
  • Swartzia foliolosa R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia fraterna R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia froesii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia gigantea R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia glabrata (R. S. Cowan) Torke[4]
  • Swartzia glazioviana (Taub.) Glaz.
  • Swartzia grandifolia Bong. ex Benth.
  • Swartzia grazielana Rizzini
  • Swartzia guatemalensis (Donn. Sm.) Pittier
  • Swartzia guianensis (Aubl.) Urb.
  • Swartzia haughtii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia hostmannii Benth.
  • Swartzia ingaefolia Ducke
  • Swartzia iniridensis R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia jenmanii Sandwith
  • Swartzia jimenezii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia jororii Harms
  • Swartzia kaieteurensis (R. S. Cowan) Torke[4]
  • Swartzia katawa R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia klugii (R. S. Cowan) Torke[4]
  • Swartzia krukovii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia laevicarpa Amshoff
  • Swartzia lamellata Ducke
  • Swartzia langsdorffii Raddi
  • Swartzia latifolia Benth.
  • Swartzia laurifolia Benth.
  • Swartzia laxiflora Benth.
  • Swartzia leblondii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia leiocalycina Benth.
  • Swartzia leiogyne (Sandwith) Cowan
  • Swartzia leptopetala Benth.
  • Swartzia littlei R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia longicarpa Amshoff
  • Swartzia longipedicellata Sandwith
  • Swartzia longistipitata Ducke
  • Swartzia lucida R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia macrocarpa Benth.
  • Swartzia macrophylla Vogel
  • Swartzia macrosema Harms
  • Swartzia macrostachya Benth.
  • Swartzia magdalenae Britton & Killip
  • Swartzia maguirei R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia manausensis Torke[3]
  • Swartzia mangabalensis R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia martii Benth.
  • Swartzia mayana Lundell
  • Swartzia micrantha R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia microcarpa Benth.
  • Swartzia monachiana R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia mucronifera R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia multijuga Vogel
  • Swartzia myrtifolia Sm.
    • var. elegans (Schott) R. S. Cowan
    • var. myrtifolia Sm.
  • Swartzia nuda Schery
  • Swartzia oblanceolata Sandwith
  • Swartzia oblata R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia oblonga Benth.
  • Swartzia obscura Huber
  • Swartzia oraria R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia oriximinaensis R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia pachyphylla Harms
  • Swartzia panacoco (Aubl.) R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia parvifolia Schery
  • Swartzia pendula Benth.
  • Swartzia pernitida R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia peruviana (R. S. Cowan) Torke[4]
  • Swartzia phaneroptera Standl.
  • Swartzia piarensis R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia pickelii Ducke
  • Swartzia picta Benth.
  • Swartzia pilulifera Benth.
  • Swartzia pinheiroana R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia pinnata (Vahl) Willd.
  • Swartzia pittieri Schery
  • Swartzia polita (R. S. Cowan) Torke[4]
  • Swartzia polyphylla DC.
  • Swartzia prolata R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia racemosa Benth.
  • Swartzia ramiflora Torke[3]
  • Swartzia recurva Poepp.
  • Swartzia rediviva R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia remiger Amshoff
  • Swartzia reticulata Ducke
  • Swartzia riedelii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia robiniifolia Vogel
  • Swartzia roraimae Sandwith
  • Swartzia rosea Martius ex Bentham[4]
  • Swartzia santanderensis R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia schomburgkii Benth.
    • var. rigida R. S. Cowan
    • var. schomburgkii Benth.
  • Swartzia schultesii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia schunkei R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia sericea Vogel
  • Swartzia simplex (Sw.) Spreng.
    • var. grandiflora (Raddi) Cowan
    • var. ochnaceae (DC.) R. S. Cowan
    • var. simplex (Sw.) Spreng.
  • Swartzia sprucei Benth.
  • Swartzia steyermarkii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia sumorum A.R. Molina
  • Swartzia tessmannii Harms
  • Swartzia tillettii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia tomentifera (Ducke) Ducke
  • Swartzia trianae Benth.
  • Swartzia trinitensis Urb.
  • Swartzia ulei Harms
  • Swartzia vaupesiana R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia velutina Benth.
  • Swartzia wurdackii R. S. Cowan
  • Swartzia xanthopetala Sandwith

Recent phylogenetic analyses have revealed several well-supported clades within Swartzia that roughly correspond to previously-erected sections and series in the genus.[6]

Nomina dubia

The following species may or may not be valid:[7]

  • Swartzia alato-sericea Barneby
  • Swartzia alternifoliolata Mansano
  • Swartzia arenarium Ducke
  • Swartzia aymardii Barneby
  • Swartzia barnebyana Cuello
  • Swartzia burchellii Mansano, G.P.Lewis & A.M.G.Azevedo
  • Swartzia callistemon Spruce ex Benth.
  • Swartzia capixabensis Mansano
  • Swartzia capparioides Klotzsch
  • Swartzia costaricensis (Britton) N. Zamora
  • Swartzia coriaceifolia Torke
  • Swartzia euxylophora Rizzini & A.Mattos
  • Swartzia fasciata Rizzini & A. Mattos
  • Swartzia flabellipetala Pittier
  • Swartzia gracilis Pipoly & A. Rudas Lleras
  • Swartzia guttata (D. Don) Standl.
  • Swartzia hondurensis (Britton) Dugand
  • Swartzia humboldtiana Cuello
  • Swartzia invenusta Barneby
  • Swartzia juruana Torke
  • Swartzia linharensis Mansano
  • Swartzia maquenqueana N. Zamora & D. Solano
  • Swartzia mazaganensis Ledoux
  • Swartzia mexicana M. Sousa & R. Grether
  • Swartzia microcalyx Ducke
  • Swartzia micropetala Schott
  • Swartzia mutisii Britton & Killip
  • Swartzia oedipus Barneby
  • Swartzia nitens (Kunth) Vogel ex Steud.
  • Swartzia oscarpintoana Pipoly & Rudas
  • Swartzia palustris Barneby
  • Swartzia parvipetala (R.S. Cowan) Mansano
  • Swartzia picramnioides Standl. & L.O. Williams ex Torke & N. Zamora
  • Swartzia pulcherrima Allem. ex Benth.
  • Swartzia shnilis Benoist
  • Swartzia stipularis Spruce ex Benth.
  • Swartzia submarginata (Benth.) Mansano
  • Swartzia subspicata Klotzsch
  • Swartzia surinamensis Klotzsch
  • Swartzia tomentosa DC.
  • Swartzia triptera Barneby
  • Swartzia zeledonensis Torke & N. Zamora


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