Suzuka Mountains

Coordinates: 35°10′45.91″N 136°24′50.93″E / 35.1794194°N 136.4141472°E / 35.1794194; 136.4141472

Mount Ryū and Mount Fujiwara

Suzuka Mountains (鈴鹿山脈 Suzuka Sanmyaku) are a mountain range running through Mie Prefecture and along the borders of Gifu and Shiga prefectures in central Japan. The tallest peak in the range is Mount Oike at 1,247 m (4,091 ft). In spite of its height, Mount Oike is not the most visited mountain; that distinction belongs to Mount Gozaisho because of its Gozaisho Ropeway, making reaching the peak much easier.

Suzuka Quasi-National Park protects a portion of the mountain range from development and has a total area of 298 km2 (115 sq mi).[1] The town of Komono, Mie Prefecture, has many onsen.

The northern part consists of Limestone, and the southern part consists of Granite.

Major peaks

Suzuka Seven Mountains

Mount Gozaisho and lattice tower of Gozaisho Ropeway seen from east

The following seven mountains are referred to as the "Suzuka Seven Mountains," which greatly increased their popularity and the number of visitors.

Other peaks


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