Suren Kingdom

Suren Kingdom
c. 119 BC–240 AD
Capital Unknown
Languages Parthian
Religion Zoroastrianism
Political structure Monarchy
   119 BC-??? Unnamed
  ???-240 Ardashir Sakanshah (?)
Historical era Antiquity
   Established c. 119 BC
   Disestablished 240 AD
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Suren Kingdom, also known as the Indo-Parthians, was a kingdom ruled by the House of Suren from c. 119 BC to 240 AD. The kingdom mainly ruled in Sakastan during its whole existence, but at its zenith, it stretched as far as Sindh. In 240, the kingdom was incorporated into the Sasanian Empire.

List of rulers

The following list shows the known rulers of the kingdom:


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