Sune Sik

16th century grave monument for Sune Sik at Vreta Abbey

Sune Sik, (born c. 1154), was allegedly a Swedish prince. According to Olaus Petri, he would have been a younger son of King Sverker I of Sweden and father of Ingrid Ylva. In surviving contemporary documents one Sune Sik can be found who lived much later. That Sune Sik made a donation to Vreta Abbey as late as in 1297.[1] He might have ordered a restoration of a chapel in which he eventually was interred, and later Cistercian tradition may then have turned him into a prince.[2] This has caused some historians to view Olaus Petri's account of him as unreliable.[2]

Sune Sik, as a son of King Sverker, is counted by other Swedish historians as a person of history and the man buried at Vreta (see photo).[3][4][5] According to 18th-century Swedish Master of Philosophy Magnus Boræn, Sune was also Duke of Östergötland[6] (at a time when the use of such a title is not known in Sweden[7]).


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