Sumiyoshi Station (JR West)

Sumiyoshi Station entrance

Sumiyoshi Station (住吉駅 Sumiyosi-eki) is a train station on the Tōkaidō Main Line (JR Kobe Line) of JR West, located in Higashi-Nada-ku, Kobe Japan and a transfer point to the Rokko Liner, which connects mainland Kobe to the man-made Rokko Island.


The JR station consists of four tracks and two island platforms. The two inside tracks are used by local and rapid service trains, and the two outside tracks by passing trains and a limited number of rapid trains.

Sumiyoshi originally opened in 1874 with the extension of the Tōkaidō Main Line from Osaka to Kobe and had been a local stop until 1990. But with the construction of Rokko Island and the opening of the Rokko Liner, the station went through a major overhaul. Now, the station is part of a shopping complex and has become a rapid service stop.

The Rokko Liner station, the line terminus, is located above the JR platforms.

Station layout

JR Kobe Line
1  JR Kobe Line rapid service for Amagasaki, Osaka and Kyoto (partly in the morning)
2  JR Kobe Line local trains and rapid service for Amagasaki, Osaka and Kyoto
local trains for Kitashinchi and Shijonawate via the JR Tozai Line
3  JR Kobe Line local trains and rapid service for Sannomiya and Himeji
4  JR Kobe Line rapid service for Sannomiya and Himeji (partly in the morning on weekdays)
Rokko Liner
1  Rokko Liner for Marine Park (usually used)
2  Rokko Liner for Marine Park (used in the morning)

Adjacent stations

« Service »
JR West Tōkaidō Line (JR Kōbe Line)
Settsu-Motoyama   Local   Rokkōmichi
Ashiya   Rapid Service   Rokkōmichi
Special Rapid Service: Does not stop at this station
Rokko Liner (R01)
Terminus - Uozaki (R02)
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Coordinates: 34°43′10.18″N 135°15′44.35″E / 34.7194944°N 135.2623194°E / 34.7194944; 135.2623194

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