Sumbat I of Iberia

Sumbat I

Doliskana inscriptions mentioning Sumbat.
King of the Georgians
Reign 937–958
Predecessor David II of Iberia
Successor Bagrat II of Iberia
Died 958
Issue Bagrat II of Iberia
Dynasty Bagrationi dynasty
Father Adarnase IV of Iberia
Religion Georgian Orthodox Church

Sumbat I (Georgian: სუმბატ I) (died 958) was a Georgian prince of the Bagratid dynasty of Tao-Klarjeti and the titular king of Iberia-Kartli from 937 until his death.

Sumbat was the youngest son of Adarnase IV. He was a younger brother of David II upon whose death he succeeded as “king of the Iberians” in 937, and of Ashot II upon whose death he succeeded as the Byzantine dignitary curopalates in 954.[1] Sumbat is commemorated in the church inscriptions from Ishkhani (Işhan) and Doliskana (Dolişhane/Hamamlıköy) in what is now Artvin Province, Turkey.[2]

Sumbat had two sons:


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Preceded by
David II
King of Iberia
Succeeded by
Bagrat II
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