Country Indonesia
Titles Sultan of Yogyakarta
Founded 1755
Founder Raden Mas Sujana (Hamengkubuwono I)
Current head BRM Herjuno Darpito (Hamengkubuwono X)

Hamengkubuwono (also spelt Hamengkubuwana and in Dutch transcription "Hamengkoeboewono") is the current ruling royal house of the Yogyakarta Sultanate in the Yogyakarta Special Region of Indonesia. The current Sultan is Hamengkubuwono X.


As with many significant historical and respected figures in Javanese culture, the name of a ruler is usually preceded by honorifics – in most cases the usage is of Sri Sultan before the name. In full titles the first Hamengkubuwono was titled:

"Ngarsadalem Sampeyandalem Hingkang Sinuhun Kangjeng Sultan Hamengkubuwono, Senopati Ing Ngalaga Ngabdurrahman Sayidin Panatagama Kalifatulah, Hingkang Jumeneng Kaping I".

The Hamengkubuwono is considered by Javanese as the true claimant and heir to the throne of the Second Mataram Kingdom and the vast Majapahit Empire, hence the post-Independence special privileges of self-rule solely allotted to the Hamengkubuwana keraton (palace)- not extended to the other three princedoms and fiefdoms of the Treaty of Giyanti (1755)


Guard of the Sultan (ca 1880)

For some Javanese, the name has been interpreted as having the following components:

Such an explanation does not necessarily coincide with strict etymology of the word.

List of Sultans of Yogyakarta (1755–present)

No.NameReign startReign endNotes
1.Hamengkubuwono IFebruary 13, 1755March 24, 1792 
2.Hamengkubuwono IIApril 2, 1792June 20, 1812
3.Hamengkubuwono IIIJune 28, 1812November 3, 1814 
4.Hamengkubuwono IVNovember 9, 1814December 6, 1823first reign
5.Hamengkubuwono VDecember 19, 1823August 17, 1826first reign
4.Hamengkubuwono IVAugust 17, 1826January 2, 1828second reign
5.Hamengkubuwono VJanuary 17, 1828June 5, 1855second reign
6.Hamengkubuwono VIJuly 5, 1855July 20, 1877 
7.Hamengkubuwono VIIDecember 22, 1877January 29, 1921 
8.Hamengkubuwono VIIIFebruary 8, 1921October 22, 1939 
9.Hamengkubuwono IXMarch 18, 1940October 2, 1988 
10.Hamengkubuwono XMarch 7, 1989incumbent 


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