Solimana (volcano)

For the mountain in the Castilla Province, Arequipa Region, Peru, see Solimana (Castilla).
Highest point
Elevation 6,093 m (19,990 ft)
Coordinates 15°24′36″S 72°53′35″W / 15.41000°S 72.89306°W / -15.41000; -72.89306Coordinates: 15°24′36″S 72°53′35″W / 15.41000°S 72.89306°W / -15.41000; -72.89306


Location Arequipa Region
Parent range Andes

Solimana[1][2] is a volcanic massif in the Andes of Peru, about 6,093 metres (19,990 ft) high.[3] It is situated in the Arequipa Region, Condesuyos Province, in the districts of Chichas and Salamanca, and in the La Unión Province, in the districts of Cotahuasi and Toro.[4] Solimana lies southeast of the volcanoes Sara Sara and Auquihuato and northwest of Coropuna volcano.


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