Non-autonomous District
Korean transcription(s)
  Revised Romanization Sujeong-gu
  McCune-Reischauer Sujŏng-gu
Country South Korea
Region Sudogwon (Gijeon)
Province Gyeonggi
City Seongnam
Administrative divisions 17 dong
  Dialect Seoul
Website Sujeong-gu Office

Sujeong-gu is a district (gu) in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.[1]

Dong 동; 洞("Neighborhood")

Sinheung-dong 신흥동
Taepyeong-dong 태평동
Sujin-dong 수진동
Dandae-dong 단대동
Sanseong-dong 산성동
Yangji-dong 양지동
Bokjeong-dong 복정동
Changgok-dong 창곡동 (merged to Bokjeong-dong)
Sinchon-dong 신촌동
Oya-dong 오야동 (merged to Sinchon-dong)
Simgok-dong 심곡동 (merged to Sinchon-dong)
Godeung-dong 고등동
Sangjeok-dong 상적동 (merged to Godeung-dong)
Dunjeon-dong 둔전동 (merged to Godeung-dong)
Siheung-dong 시흥동
Geumto-dong 금토동 (merged to Siheung-dong)
Sasong-dong 사송동 (merged to Siheung-dong)

Stations (excludes Bokjeong Station)

Seoul Subway Line 8

Bundang Line


Other schools

Military Facilities


Coordinates: 37°27′01″N 127°08′45″E / 37.450377°N 127.145833°E / 37.450377; 127.145833

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