Suffolk County Council

For Boy Scout Council in New York, see Suffolk County Council (Boy Scouts of America).
Suffolk County Council

Coat of arms
Seats 75 councillors
Joint committees
East of England Local Government Association
36 / 75
15 / 75
10 / 75
8 / 75
3 / 75
2 / 75
First past the post
Last election
2 May 2013
Next election
United Kingdom local elections, 2017

Suffolk County Council is the administrative authority for the county of Suffolk, England. It is run by 75 elected county councillors representing 63 divisions. It is a member of the East of England Local Government Association.


Established in 1974 and initially based at East Suffolk County Hall, the Council was located to Endeavour House in Ipswich in 2004.[1] In September 2010, the council announced that it would seek to outsource a number of its services, in an attempt to cut its own budget by 30%.[2] In 2011 controversy surrounding the CEO Andrea Hill featured in local and national press (including £122,000 spent on management consultants),[3] leading to her disciplinary hearing and resignation.[4]

Structure of the County Council

Endeavour House home of Suffolk County Council

The County Council is led by its CEO Deborah Cadman[5] who has been in this role since October 2011.

The Council is split into 4 distinct areas each of which has responsibility for a range of services and statutory requirements.

The areas known as 'Directorates' are as follows

A fifth area of work known as Scrutiny and Monitoring covers all Directorates and is responsible for internally auditing the Councils work as well as providing registry and legal services.

The responsibilities listed below may be the responsibility of more than one Directorate and as such are labelled with the relevet acronym ACS, CYP, ESE and PP


Suffolk County Council is responsible for major services which are provided countywide. These include:

Shared services

Responsibility for some services is shared between the county council and borough, district and parish councils in Suffolk, including:


The council is run by the Conservative party, but is now under No Overall Control after a series of by-elections. The Conservatives hold 36 seats on the Council, Labour 15, UKIP 10, Liberal Democrats 8, Independents 3, and Greens 2.

These last elections were held in May 2013.

Previous elections include:


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