Su Romanzesu

Su Romanzesu
Location Bitti, Sardinia, Italy
Type Village
Periods Bronze Age
Cultures Nuragic civilization

Su Romanzesu is an archaeological site that is located near Bitti, in the province of Nuoro, Sardinia.

It consist of a Bronze Age nuragic village of more than seven hectares, that includes an holy well, one hundred huts, two megaron temples, a rectangular temple, an elliptical amphitheater, and a large labyrinth structure.

The name Su Romanzesu derives from the presence of Roman remains. In II - III century AD in fact, this area was occupied by the Romans.

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Coordinates: 40°31′49″N 9°19′29″E / 40.5303°N 9.3247°E / 40.5303; 9.3247

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