Strassen, Luxembourg


Coat of arms

Map of Luxembourg with Strassen highlighted in orange, and the canton in dark red
Coordinates: 49°37′00″N 6°04′00″E / 49.6167°N 6.0667°E / 49.6167; 6.0667Coordinates: 49°37′00″N 6°04′00″E / 49.6167°N 6.0667°E / 49.6167; 6.0667
Country  Luxembourg
Canton Luxembourg
  Mayor Gaston Greiveldinger
  Total 10.71 km2 (4.14 sq mi)
Area rank 96 of 105
Highest elevation 391 m (1,283 ft)
  Rank 60th of 105
Lowest elevation 265 m (869 ft)
  Rank 71st of 105
Population (2014)
  Total 7,941
  Rank 15th of 105
  Density 740/km2 (1,900/sq mi)
  Density rank 9th of 105
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
LAU 2 LU00011009

Strassen (Luxembourgish: Stroossen) is a commune and town in central Luxembourg. It is part of the canton of Luxembourg, part of the district of Luxembourg.

In 2016, Strassen's population was 8500 citizens. The current mayor of Strassen is Gaston Greiveldinger (LSAP socialists).


Strassen was formed on 6 January 1851, when it was detached from the commune of Bertrange. The law forming Strassen was passed on 6 August 1849.[1]

The origins of the town began in Roman times. The name of Strassen comes from the Latin "strata," which means military road. In Roman times, the Roman road led from Trier through Arlon Strassen and Mamer upwards. Remains of the road were found in 1960 during the widening of Kiem Street. The seal of Johann Strassen (1411) and religious piety dating from 1500 (currently on display at the National Museum of the State), provided the basis for the municipal coat of arms created in 1976 and hieraldic description of "Cloche d'or".

Due to a historical plague, one-third of the population of Strassen disappeared. With the cadastral maps during the time of Maria Theresia (1766) the area of Strassen was 2594.65 acres and the population was 417.

Strassen, along with some houses in Reckenthal, became a parish in 1804. In 1823 the town of Strassen was united with the town of Bertrange, but by a law of August 6, 1849, Strassen was again separated from Bertrange effective 1 January 1850. Thus it became a separate municipality from Reckenthal. At that time, the population consisted of 1300.

In 1850, natives of Luxembourg including some from Strassen, began to emigrate to the United States, The emigrants from Luxembourg started experiencing a high death rate in the US, which discouraged further emigration.

In 1854 the national poet Michel Rodange married a citizen of Strassen, by the name of Leysen Magdalene and they moved to Fels where he was a teacher.

The first water main was laid in 1908.

For an entire century, the population did not change much. Strassen in 1946 had 1400 citizens and 332 houses. In 1960 there were 1900 inhabitants and 20 years later 4200. On 1 January 1997 there were about 5000 inhabitants in Strassen.


Strassen is a small town compared to others in Luxembourg, but very modern. In town there are numerous banks and insurance companies (BIL, ING, BGL BNP Paribas, Raiffeisen, Vivium, Garanti Bank, DZ privatbank and CBP).

Due to a strong increase of Luxembourg's population, new districts are seeing the day in Strassen. This has led to the property prices being expensive. In fact, Strassen, Bertrange and Mamer are the three most expensive communes after Luxembourg City.[2] Strassen is also appreciated from the expatriates, given its proximity with the capital, and its quality of life.

As in many other towns in Luxembourg, Strassen has a private aquatic center (built in October 2009) named Les Thermes, with a cost of €37,000,000. Luxembourg's national center of archery and karate are also located in Strassen.


Like elsewhere in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, public transport is effective and fast. There are buses (ecological hybrids) that connect to Luxembourg City. Strassen has provided for its citizens , a city night shuttle bus.


In the municipal area, there are 4 schools, all modern and well equipped. In primary school, students lessons are in the three official languages of the country. The primary in Luxembourgish and the secondary language is German (the Government is thinking about changing the secondary language cycle to French ) while studying the prospect of having the second language cycle in French and the third language cycle in English.


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