Strait of Messina metropolitan area

Strait of Messina Metropolitan Area

Area Metropolitana dello Stretto di Messina
Metropolitan Area

View of Strait of Messina, from the Sicilian coast

Strait of Messina from satellite
Country  Italy
Regions  Sicily,  Calabria
Largest city Messina
Other Major Cities Reggio Calabria
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto
  Total 1,907.50 km2 (736.49 sq mi)
Population (November 2011)
  Total 744,646
  Density 390/km2 (1,000/sq mi)

The Metropolitan Area of Strait of Messina (Area Metropolitana dello Stretto di Messina, in Italian), is the urban agglomeration around the Strait of Messina, and is one of the most populated and important areas of Southern Italy. It includes part of the Province of Messina, in Sicily, and part of the Province of Reggio Calabria, in Calabria.


Population and Human environment

Demography and Administrative division

Region City Area (km2) Population[1]
Strait of Messina Metropolitan Area
Calabria Bagnara Calabra 24.68 10,660
Bagaladi 30 1,113
Bova Marina 29 3,883
Calanna 10 1,004
Campo Calabro 7.46 4,445
Cardeto 36 1,832
Condofuri 58 4,941
Fiumara di Muro 6 1,053
Laganadi 8 425
Melito di Porto Salvo 35 11,696
Montebello Ionico 55 6,380
Motta San Giovanni 45 6,329
Reggio Calabria 236.02 186,417
Roccaforte del Greco 54 568
Roghudi 36 1,202
San Lorenzo 64 2,825
San Roberto 34 1,181
Sant'Alessio in Aspromonte 4 347
Santo Stefano in Aspromonte 17 1,310
Scilla 43 5,125
Villa San Giovanni 12.22 13,847
Total Calabria 845.06 266,203
Sicily Alì 16 838
Alì Terme 6 2,600
Antillo 43 984
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto 59.89 41,891
Casalvecchio Siculo 33 907
Castelmola 16 1,087
Castroreale 54 2,645
Condrò 5 492
Fiumedinisi 35 1,537
Forza d'Agrò 11 914
Furci Siculo 17.85 3,382
Furnari 13.48 3,663
Gaggi 7 3,153
Gallodoro 6 387
Giardini Naxos 5 9,687
Gualtieri Sicaminò 14 1,847
Itala 10 1,672
Leni 8.56 708
Letojanni 6 2,795
Limina 9 916
Lipari 88.61 11,531
Malfa 8 1,001
Mandanici 11 635
Merì 1.87 2,407
Messina 211.23 241,505
Milazzo 24.23 32,501
Monforte San Giorgio 32.33 2,889
Nizza di Sicilia 13 3,764
Pace del Mela 12 6,409
Pagliara 14 1,253
Roccafiorita 1.14 229
Roccalumera 8.77 4,252
Roccavadina 6 1,153
Rometta 32.50 6,680
San Filippo del Mela 9.81 7,300
San Pier Niceto 36 2,981
Sant'Alessio Siculo 6 1,536
Santa Lucia del Mela 82.89 4,758
Santa Marina Salina 8 894
Santa Teresa di Riva 8.13 9,354
Saponara 26 4,115
Savoca 8 1,821
Scaletta Zanclea 5 2,272
Spadafora 10.30 5,181
Taormina 13.16 11,108
Terme Vigliatore 13 7,295
Torregrotta 4.22 7,491
Valdina 2.75 1,283
Venetico 4.38 3,886
Villafranca Tirrena 14.34 8,854
Total Sicily 1062.44 478,443
Total Metropolitan Area 1907.50 744,646
Major Cities

Messina, is a city situated in the extreme north-eastern tip of Sicily, also called "gate of Sicily", in ancient times was called "Zancle" and "Messana". Ancient city, has reached the pinnacle of his greatness, in the Late Middle Ages and in the mid-seventeenth century, when contending with Palermo, the Sicilian capital role. In 1678, after a historic anti-Spanish revolt, which resulted in the annihilation of its ruling class, a first devastating earthquake has partially destroyed the city in 1783, while in 1908 a devastating earthquake, followed by a tsunami, has razed to the ground the city, and have been generated about 80,000 victims. Rebuilt since 1912, the modern city presents a neat and regular mesh with wide straight streets. In recent years, there are ongoing projects aimed at regeneration of the city through works such as the waterfront, a new headquarters for the railway station, the bridge over the Strait. Messina is a city with an economy based on services, trade, tourism and a significant industrial activity in the shipbuilding craft. Its port is the first in Italy for the number of transit passengers and sixth for cruise traffic.

Reggio Calabria, is the first municipality in the Calabria region for residents. Major functional pole in its region, has strong historical, cultural and economic ties with the city of Messina. First city in the region for its age, despite its ancient foundation - Ρηγιον was an important and flourishing colony of Magna Graecia - shows a modern urban system, because of the catastrophic earthquake that December 28, 1908, who destroyed most of the settlement. Its urban system, represents a major economic centers and regional service and transport, in the southern shores of the Mediterranean. Reggio Calabria, with Naples and Taranto, is home to one of the most important archaeological museums dedicated to Ancient Greece (which houses the famous Bronzes of Riace, rare example of Greek bronze sculpture, which became one of the symbols of the city), of two young universities and the Regional Council of Calabria. The center, consisting primarily of Liberty buildings, has a linear development along the coast, and with parallel streets with the promenade dotted with rares magnolias and exotic palms.

Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, populous town close to Milazzo, it is characterized by an intense activity in: agriculture, trade and industry.

Milazzo is a peninsula, situated the Tyrrhenian Sea, in a strategic place. Located 43 km from Messina, is the benchmark for other little cities: job, trade, services. Originally a Greek city, and from 36 BC recognized as a Roman civitas, Milazzo is now a tourist destination and a great starting point for the Aeolian Islands, the Nebrodi Park, Tindari. There are numerous examples, symbols of the ancient history of the city. Plans are in progress aimed to enter the Castle, the fortified town and the ancient village in the UNESCO sites and to form the Marine Reserve of Capo Milazzo.

Infrastructure and Transport


The Autostrada, Italian national system of motorways, who affecting the metropolitan area are: A3 (Salerno-Reggio Calabria), A18 (Messina-Catania) and A20 (Messina-Palermo).


The Strait of Messina Metropolitan Area, is served by air links with the Reggio Calabria Airport (IATA: REG, ICAO: LICR). Also known as Aeroporto dello Stretto or Tito Minniti Airport, is located at south of Reggio Calabria. The first track of the airport was built in 1939 with military purposes. On 11 July 1943 a USA air raid razed the structure, and later was rebuilt for civil aviation. The first flight took place on April 10, 1947 with a twin-engine propeller-driven "Douglas DC-3" on the Turin - Bologna - Florence - Naples - Reggio Calabria - Palermo. The design of the first paved runway began in October 1960. By decision of the Ministry of Defense-Air Force, on 10 December 1975 the airport was named Tito Minniti, first pilot crashed in East Africa December 26, 1935 during the Ethiopian war. It is a structure in increasing improvement; the recent phase of modernization has allowed the increase in the number of available flights to Rome, Milan, Venice, Turin, Pisa, Bologna and other cities in Europe.

Year Traffic Data [2]
2000 538,048
2001 481,857
2002 463,662
2003 441,795
2004 272,859
2005 398,089
2006 607,727
2007 583,596
2008 536,032
2009 509,058
2010 548,648
2011 561,107
2012 ???



The University of Messina (Università degli Studi di Messina, in Italian, or UNIME), is an ancient university, and was founded in 1548 by Ignatio of Loyola such as College of Jesus's Company. Is formed by ten faculties (Arts and Humanities; Economics; Education; Engineering; Law; Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences; Medicine; Pharmacy; Political Science; Veterinary Medicine), distributed in various part of the city of Messina.

The University of Reggio Calabria, or Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria (Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, in Italian, or UNIRC), was founded in 1968, and is one of the youngest universities in Italy. UNIRC combines its commitment in research and teaching: three faculties (Architecture, Engineering, Agricultural Science), are dedicated to the territory, creating a "Environment Polytechnic" with a strong propensity to the themes of architecture, landscape, urbanism, infrastructure associated at the green economy. The faculty of Law, study from the economic issues to those related to archeology and artistic heritage.

In addition, there are: "Dante Alighieri University" (for foreign student) situated in Reggio Calabria; and two "Academies of Fine Arts" (Decoration, Graphics, Painting, Sculpture and Scenography), situated in Messina and Reggio Calabria.


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