Stockholm City Centre

Stockholm City Centre (Stockholms innerstad, Innerstaden, Inre staden) is the city centre of Stockholm in Sweden. The entire city of Stockholm is also the centre of the Stockholm Metropolitan Area.

Since 2007, Stockholm City Centre is organized into four stadsdelsområden (sometimes translated to districts): Kungsholmen, Södermalm, Norrmalm and Östermalm.[1]

Before 2007, Stockholm City Centre was organized into five stadsdelsnämndsområden (sometimes translated to boroughs): Katarina-Sofia borough, Kungsholmen borough, Maria-Gamla stan borough, Norrmalm borough and Östermalm borough.

The border between the historical provinces of Uppland and Södermanland splits Stockholm City Centre in two parts. 179,185 people live on an area of 28.05 km² in the northern, Upplandian, part, which gives a density of 6,388.06/km². The same data for the southern, Södermanlandian, part is 103,646 people on 7.44 km², giving a density of 13,930.91/km². This border is purely historical and has no administrative significance whatsoever.

Stockholm City Centre

City Centre

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Place Area (ha)[2] Population
Density (/ha) Borough Province
Gustav Vasa8012,911161NorrmalmUppland
Hedvig Eleonora5810,387179ÖstermalmUppland
Jakob 622013NorrmalmUppland
Klara 711,59722NorrmalmUppland
Lilla Essingen234,519196KungsholmenUppland
Mariatorget62 14,099227Maria-Gamla stan Södermanland
Mellersta Högalid54 9,914 184Maria-Gamla stan Södermanland
Norra Adolf Fredrik193,816201NorrmalmUppland
Norra Johannes669,043137NorrmalmUppland
Norra Högalid65 13,166 203Maria-Gamla stan Södermanland
Norra Sofia58 7,721133Katarina-SofiaSödermanland
Oscars Kyrka11615,271132ÖstermalmUppland
Reimersholme-Långholmen522,34945Maria-Gamla stanSödermanland
Stora Essingen723,95455KungsholmenUppland
Storkyrkan42 3,017 72Maria-Gamla stan Södermanland
Södra Adolf Fredrik 353,703106NorrmalmUppland
Södra Hammarbyhamnen12510,61585Katarina-SofiaSödermanland
Södra Högalid72 4,15558Katarina-SofiaSödermanland
Södra Johannes 152,011134NorrmalmUppland
Södra Sofia 7411,015149Katarina-SofiaSödermanland
Södra Station18 4,844269Katarina-SofiaSödermanland
Tekniska Högskolan1563,44222ÖstermalmUppland
Västra Katarina85 13,220156Katarina-SofiaSödermanland
Västra Matteus8414,272170KungsholmenUppland
Östra Katarina85 19,855234Katarina-SofiaSödermanland
Östra Matteus5112,325242KungsholmenUppland
Östra Sankt Göran5314,079266KungsholmenUppland

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