Steven Kynman

Steven Kynman
Born Steven Kynman
Occupation Voice actor, actor, puppeteer
Years active 1996-present
Notable work Duck (UK/US), Charlie (US), Porter (UK), Ryan (UK/US), Dart (UK/US), Paxton (UK/US), Peter Sam (UK/US), Jack (UK), and Butch (US) in Thomas & Friends

Steven "Steve" Kynman is a British voice actor, actor and puppeteer who has worked on various shows in the UK. He is best known for his work in the children TV industry, such as Robert the Robot in Justin's House and for being the current voice of Fireman Sam in Fireman Sam.

In 2012, he joined the UK and USA voice cast of Thomas & Friends as Duck, Ryan, Dart, Paxton, Peter Sam in UK and USA and both Porter and Jack in the UK and both Charlie and Butch in the USA dub taking over from Glenn Wrage (Charlie; Season 13 - 15 and Butch; Season 15 - 16) and Ben Small (Charlie; Season 16 - 18).

In 2015, he joined Bob the Builder in the UK voice cast of Lofty, dub taking over from Neil Morrissey from 1998-2012 voice and original look.



Year Title Role(s) Notes
2008–present Fireman Sam Fireman Sam, Elvis Cridlington, James Jones (Series 6-7), Norman Price, Derek Price and Charlie Jones
2008 The Mr. Men Show Mr. Nosey
Moving Wallpaper Brian
2009 M.I. High Postman
Gigglebiz various
2011– Justin's House Robert the Robot
2012–present Thomas & Friends Duck (UK/US), Charlie (US) Porter (UK), Ryan (UK/US), Dart (UK/US), Paxton (UK/US) Peter Sam (UK/US), A Slip Coach (UK/US) Jack (UK) - Butch (US) and The Bird Watcher (UK/US) Recurring Roles
2013 Dude, That's My Ghost! various
Yonderland Puppeteer
Q Pootle 5 Eddi, Bud D and Ray
2015–present Bob the Builder Lofty Main role


Year Title Role Notes
2001 Combat Sheep Cooper
2006 Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest Azur
2008 Pinocchio Harlequin
2010 Fireman Sam: The Great Fire of Pontypandy Fireman Sam, Elvis Cridlington, James Jones,
Norman Price, Derek Price and Charlie Jones
2012 Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery Paxton and Peter Sam (UK/US) Supporting role
2013 Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway Paxton (UK/US) and Jack (UK) Supporting role
2014 Tales of Albion Will
2014 Postman Pat: The Movie Bill Thompson
2014 Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave Porter and the Dock Manager (UK) Supporting role
2015 Thomas & Friends: Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure Duck (UK/US) and Jack (UK) Supporting role
2016 Thomas & Friends: The Great Race Duck (UK/US), Charlie (US), Dart (UK/US), Paxton (UK/US), Peter Sam (UK/US) and Porter (UK) Supporting role

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