Stephen III of Auxonne

Stephen III
Count of Auxonne
Spouse(s) Beatrix, countess of Châlon
Agnes of Dreux


John, count of Chalon
Noble family House of Ivrea
Father Stephen II of Auxonne
Mother Judith of Lorraine
Died 1241

Stephen (or Etienne) III (died 1241) was count of Auxonne. He was from the house of Ivrea, son of Stephen II, count of Auxonne (died after 1173) and Judith of Lorraine (c. 1140 – 1173).

His father Stephen II of Auxonne was son of William III, count of Mâcon and his wife Poncette/Alice, lady of Traves. His mother Judith was daughter of Matthias I, Duke of Lorraine and Bertha Hohenstaufen (daughter of Frederick II, Duke of Swabia).

Stephen III married firstly (c.1186) to Beatrix, countess of Châlon (daughter of Guillaume, count of Chalon & Beatrix a daughter of Frederick baronessa emperor of the Holy Roman Empire) but they divorced 1197/1200. He married secondly (before 1212) to Agnes of Dreux (1195–1258), daughter of Robert II, Count of Dreux by his second wife Yolande de Coucy.

Stephen had issue only from his first marriage to Beatrix, countess of Châlon:[1]

He had also an illegitimate child: Stephen (Etienne), baron d' Oiselet (1208 - after 1267).


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