Stefan Pasborg

Stefan Pasborg
Background information
Birth name Stefan Pasborg
Origin Copenhagen, Denmark
Genres Improvised music, Jazz, Funk
Occupation(s) Musician, drummer, Composer, percussionist
Instruments Drums, Percussion
Years active 1996-
Associated acts Pasborgs Odessa 5, Ibrahim Electric, Delirium, Fra De Varme Lande, Carsten Dahl
Website Official site

Stefan Pasborg is a Danish drummer, composer and bandleader, and the founding member of ILK MUSIC, a Danish record label.[1]


In 2004 he was voted "New Name of The Year" at the Danish Music Award Jazz 2004 and his release Toxikum was voted Jazz Discovery of the Year.[2][3][4] Danish Music Awards Jazz is being given each year by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

He has performed and recorded with many international recording artists such as John Tchicai, Miroslav Vitous, Ellery Eskelin, Tim Berne, Palle Danielsson, Marc Ducret, Anders Jormin, Michael Formanek, Tomasz Stanko, Carsten Dahl, Jesper Zeuthen, Ray Anderson, Alex Riel, Mikko Innanen and Lotte Anker are among others. Pasborg has toured the most of Europe, US and Asia as a leader, also as a sideman. His latest CD was named one of the "Best Debut Albums of 2007" All About Jazz-New York Best of 2007 New York[5]

Pasborg was already behind the drums at the age of three. He received a present, a drumset it was, from a close friend of his parents who happened to be an acclaimed Danish drummer, namely Alex Riel which also became Pasborg's first drum teacher. In later years, while kept playing, he decided to attend prestigious Copenhagen Jazz Conservatory where the teachers were among others internationally respected Jazz performers such as Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Ed Thigpen, Horace Parlan and Atilla Engin to name few. During his studies at the conservatory, he met other young musicians, thirteen of them, which they together formed an independent record label called ILK Music.

Photos: Hreinn Gudlaugsson

John Kelman (All About Jazz, USA) said about Pasborg:

"Percussionist Stefan Pasborg is a young Dane who has, in the past several years, studied with artists including Joey Baron, Jim Black and Daniel Humair—and given his experience, it is no surprise that his playing is daring, although it sometimes seems barely on the edge of sanity. But through it all he demonstrates a strong command of the kit; even at its most crazed this is no random bashing."[6] All About Jazz, John Kelman review of Toxikum, published March 25, 2004


Both awards were given by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI).[7]


As A Leader/Coleader

As A Sideman


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