States of Utrecht

The seat of the States of Utrecht in Utrecht.

The States of Utrecht (Dutch: Staten van Utrecht, pronounced [ˈstaːtə(n) vɑn ˈytrɛxt]) are the States-Provincial for the Dutch province of Utrecht. It forms the unicameral legislature of the province. Its 47 seats are distributed every four years in provincial elections. Since 2013, it is chaired by Willibrord van Beek (VVD).[1]

Current composition

The current distribution of seats.

Since the 2011 provincial elections, the seats of the States of Utrecht are as following:[2]

Party Votes Seats
# %
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy124,95222.1511
Labour Party82,72114.667
Christian Democratic Appeal68,01712.066
Democrats 6660,49110.725
Party for Freedom59,98810.634
Socialist Party46,3368.214
Reformed Political Party16,8712.991
Party for the Animals11,3862.021
Platform Local Parties Utrecht2,0680.370
Beautiful Utrecht1,2470.220

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