State of Malta

State of Malta
Stat ta’ Malta
Commonwealth realm
Flag Coat of arms
"Virtute et Constantia"
"[By] virtue and constancy"
L-Innu Malti
The Maltese Hymn
Royal anthem
God Save the Queen
State of Malta in Dark Green.
Capital Valletta
Languages English
Government Constitutional monarchy
   1964–1974 Elizabeth II
  1964–1971 Maurice Henry Dorman
  1971–1974 Anthony Joseph Mamo
Prime Minister
  1964–1971 George Borg Olivier
  1971–1974 Dom Mintoff
Legislature Parliament
Historical era Cold War
   Independence 21 September 1964
   Republic 13 December 1974
   1967 316 km² (122 sq mi)
   1967 est. 314,216 
     Density 994.4 /km²  (2,575.4 /sq mi)
Currency Pound Sterling (1964–1972)
Maltese Lira (1972–1974)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Crown Colony of Malta

The State of Malta (Maltese: Stat ta’ Malta), known in common parlance as Malta, was the predecessor to the modern-day Republic of Malta. It existed between 21 September 1964 and 13 December 1974.

The Malta Independence Act 1964 passed by the British Parliament transformed the Crown Colony of Malta into an independent Commonwealth realm with fully responsible government. Under the new Constitution of Malta, approved in a referendum held May of that year, Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of Malta (Maltese: Reġina ta' Malta). The monarch's constitutional roles were delegated to the Governor-General of Malta. As Queen of Malta, Elizabeth II visited Malta once in November 1967.


The following Governors-General held office in Malta between 1964 and 1974:

  1. Sir Maurice Henry Dorman (21 September 1964 – 4 July 1971)
  2. Sir Anthony Mamo (4 July 1971 – 13 December 1974)

Prime Ministers

The following held office as Prime Minister (and head of government) of the State of Malta during this period:

  1. George Borg Olivier (September 21, 1964 – 21 June 1971)
  2. Dom Mintoff (21 June 1971 – 13 December 1974)

Transition to republic

On 13 December 1974, following amendments to the Constitution by the Labour government of Dom Mintoff, the monarchy was abolished and Malta became a republic within the Commonwealth with the function of head of state vested in a president appointed by Parliament. The last Governor-General, Sir Anthony Mamo, was appointed the first President of Malta.


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