State University Construction Fund

The State University Construction Fund is a New York State agency addressing the construction and capital planning needs of the State University of New York and affiliated institutions.

The mission of the fund is to act as an agent of the university to provide funding for buildings and to help reduce the time between the determination of need and the availability of the completed buildings.[1]

The fund is run by a three-person Board of Trustees. One trustee is selected from the members of the SUNY Board of Trustees, and the other two are nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.[2]

SUNY capital program summary[3]
Type# of buildingsSquare feetAve age2008-2013 budgetSourceProjects managed by
Educational facilities 1,823 57.6 million 44.5 years $4,426 million – Includes $1.65B in future appropriations for critical maintenance projects for 2010/2011 through 2012/2013. State Fund/Campus
Hospitals 13 2.5 million 24.3 years $450 million Hospital Revenues Fund/Campus
Residence halls 467 19.3 million 34.0 years $573 million Room Rents DASNY/Campus
Community colleges 490 17.9 million 41.6 years $436 million 50% State, 50% Local Local
Totals 2,798 97.3 million 42.1 years $5,885 million  


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