State Council of Joseon

State Council of Joseon
Hangul 의정부
Hanja 議政府
Revised Romanization Uijeongbu
McCune–Reischauer Ŭijŏngbu

The State Council of Joseon or Uijeongbu was the highest organ of government under the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.[1] It was led by three officials known as the High State Councillors. The Councilors were entrusted to deliberate over key problems of state, advising the king, and conveying royal decisions to the Six Ministries.[1]

The Council was formed under the reign of Jeongjong, just before Taejong seized power in 1400.[2] It replaced an earlier institution called the "Privy Council," which had been dominated by Jeong Dojeon and other key figures behind the dynasty's founding.

The State Council gradually declined in importance over the 500 years of Joseon's rule. A plaque marking the former location of the State Council stands today near Gwanghwamun in central Seoul.

The Chief State Councilor Yeonguijeong 영의정 was followed by the Left State Councilor Jwauijeong 좌의정 and the Right State Councilor Uuijeong 우의정.

Today, there's a city which was named after this organ (Uijeongbu) in Gyeonggi-do.


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