State's Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia

State Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia
Državno odvjetništvo Republike Hrvatske
Judicial body overview
Jurisdiction  Croatia
Headquarters Gajeva 30a, Zagreb, Croatia
Employees 1672 (2013)[1]
Annual budget HRK 299,816.050 (2013)[2]
Judicial body executives
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DORH headquarters in Zagreb

State's Attorney Office of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian: Državno odvjetništvo Republike Hrvatske or DORH) is an autonomous and independent judicial body empowered and duty-bound to instigate prosecution of perpetrators of criminal and other penal offences, to initiate legal measures to protect the property of the Republic of Croatia and to apply legal remedies to protect the Croatian Constitution and laws.[3]

DORH is a unique judicial body that has authority over the whole Croatian territory. Its head is an Attorney General who has deputies. DORH headquarters are in Zagreb, but it is also decentralized and is thus divided into 22 municipal and 15 county offices. Nevertheless, it is a strictly hierarchically structured body, so municipal offices are subordinated to the county offices, while country offices are subordinated to the central office in Zagreb. In addition, Croatian State Prosecutor's Office for the Suppression of Organized Crime and Corruption (USKOK) is a special body of DORH specialized in investigations related to corruption and organized crime.

Organization and jurisdiction

Organization and jurisdiction of the State's Attorney Office are regulated with The Act on the State's Attorney Office.

The State’s Attorney Office competent in criminal proceedings is obligated to prosecute and represent the charges against perpetrators of criminal acts which are prosecuted ex officio or upon proposal and undertake other actions defined by the law. The competent State’s Attorney Office acts in misdemeanor proceedings in line with the powers granted to it under law. A competent State’s Attorney Office represents the Republic of Croatia in the protection of assets and other rights in the civil and administrative matters, unless otherwise determined by law or the decision of a competent state body.

The Municipal Offices represent Croatia in the proceedings before a municipal court and administrative bodies, County Offices represent Croatia in the proceedings before a county and commercial courts, while the Central Office represents Croatia, and oversees and protects the rule of law and proceeds with all actions before the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, Administrative Court, High Commercial Court, Magistrate’s Court, and international and foreign justice and other bodies.

Structure of DORH

DORH consist of:[4]

Internal structure of the central office

Central office has four departments:

Attorney General and deputies

Attorney General is managing and representing State's Attorney Office. According to The Act on the State's Attorney Office, any Croatian citizen meeting the general and special requirements for the appointment of a deputy in the State’s Attorney Office may be appointed as Attorney General. Attorney General is appointed for a four-year term by the Croatian Parliament upon the motion of the Croatian Government and following a prior opinion of the Parliament's Justice Committee. He may be reappointed to the same office numerous times, but if that doesn't happen he has a right to either leave the Office, or to continue to work as a deputy attorney. County and Municipal State’s Attorneys are appointed for a four-year term by the Attorney General with a prior opinions issued by the Minister of Justice and the Collegiate Body of the State’s Attorney Office. County State’s Attorneys are appointed from among the state’s attorneys and deputies in the county state’s attorney offices or a higher state’s attorney office with five years of working experience in the Office.

A state’s attorney terminates his office when deceased, when he has attained the age of 70 years, and upon the dismissal. State Attorney can be released from duty if: he has exercised his duties in an illegal, untimely and insufficiently expert manner; the state’s attorney office he represents fails to achieve satisfactory results; he fails to perform the duties in a state’s attorney office or justice administration in conformity with the regulations or fails to perform them in due time; has failed to file request for a disciplinary proceeding in the matters determined by law; he commits an action corresponding to the action referred to under Article 84 of the The Act on the State's Attorney Office; the grounds for the dismissal referred to under Article 69, Paragraph 1, items 1 to 4 of the The Act on the State's Attorney Office exist. The motion for the dismissal of the State’s Attorney General may be filed by the Government. Final verdict is in the hands of the Parliament, that has to obtain opinion from the Justice Committee.

List of Attorney Generals

Attorney General
# Name Took Office Left Office
1 Željko Olujić 7 December 1990 15 April 1992
2 Vladimir Šeks 10 April 1992 12 August 1992
3 Stjepan Herceg 24 September 1992 28 December 1993
4 Krunoslav Olujić 29 December 1993 28 November 1994
5 Marijan Hranjski 29 November 1994[a] July 2000
/ Slavko Zadnik (acting) July 2000 7 February 2001
6 Radovan Ortynski 8 February 2001 23 April 2002
7 Mladen Bajić 24 April 2002[b] 23 April 2014
8 Dinko Cvitan 24 April 2014 Incumbent


Funds for the operation of the State Attorney's Office are provided from the state budget. The amount of funds is provided according to the provisions that apply to the provision of funds for the courts and have to be secured in such an amount to enable a regular execution of all the tasks in the State Attorney's Office. Amount is determined on the basis of a proposal made by the State Attorney. The request has to include an estimate of the workload of regular and temporary tasks, the number of officials, servants and employees required and other indicators relevant for the determination of the amount of funds required. In 2013, Office had annual budget of 299,816.050 HRK (c. €40.000).


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^a He was reelected on 16 November 1995, and took office on 30 November 1995.

^b He was reelected on 3 March 2006 and 12 February 2010.

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