StarStruck (season 1)

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StarStruck (season 1)
Created by GMA Network
Directed by Lino Cayetano
Presented by Dingdong Dantes
Nancy Castiglione
Judges Joey de Leon
Joyce Bernal
Ida Henares
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes 71
Executive producer(s) Wilma Galvante
Running time Ordinary: 30-60 minutes
The Final Judgment: 2 hours
Original network GMA Network
Original release October 27, 2003 – February 1, 2004
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Season 1 Final 14 (2003–2004)
Mark Herras Ultimate Male Survivor
Jennylyn Mercado Ultimate Female Survivor
Rainier Castillo First Prince
Yasmien Kurdi First Princess
Nadine Samonte January 9, 2004
Dion Ignacio January 9, 2004
Christian Esteban December 26, 2003
Katrina Halili December 19, 2003
Tyron Perez December 12, 2003
Sheena Halili December 5, 2003
Jade Lopez November 28, 2003
Anton dela Paz November 21, 2003
Cristine Reyes November 14, 2003
Alvin Aragon November 7, 2003
Note: The First Prince and First Princess designations
were applied retroactively in 2006.

The first season of StarStruck premiered on October 27, 2003. The council was formed with Joey de Leon, Joyce Bernal, and Ida Henares representing it. The show was co-hosted by Dingdong Dantes and Nancy Castiglione.


StarStruck was first announced on GMA Network program SOP, where the hosts invited teenagers from 14 to 18 years old to audition for the upcoming StarStruck season. Much of the auditions were held at the GMA Network's headquarters and at SM Supermalls throughout the Philippines.

The first season of StarStruck was directed by Lino Cayetano, who has studied and taught film in the University of the Philippines, aside from his film and audiovisual communications course in New York Film Academy.

The pilot episode was aired on October 27, 2003. StarStruck is shown only weekdays having Mondays to Thursdays will be tests and Fridays would be the elimination night. The show held its Final Judgment on February 1, 2004 at the Araneta Coliseum.

In the 1st year of the reality-talent search, Out of thousands who auditioned, only TOP 100 was chosen for the first cut. From TOP 100, it was trimmed down to TOP 60, then from TOP 60 to TOP 30, and from TOP 30 to the Final 14 finalists. The Final Fourteen Survivors underwent various workshops and trainings in order to develop their personalities, talents, and charisma. But, the twist is that every week, two of the Final 14 may have to say goodbye until only four remain. Those who were eliminated were dubbed as StarStruck Avengers.

The Final Four Survivors will vie for the coveted "Ultimate Male Survivor" and "Ultimate Female Survivor" titles, each of them has received (P 1,000,000) pesos and exclusive contracts from GMA Network. The Runner-up, received (P 100,000) pesos each. The StarStruck Avengers (the losing contestants) also received an exclusive contracts from the network.

The Final 14 Survivors

When the Final 14 was chosen, they are assigned to different challenges every week that will hone their acting, singing, and dancing abilities. Every Friday, one is meant to leave the competition until there were just 6 others who are left. From Final 6, there will be two of them who will be eliminated and after the elimination of the two; the Final 4 will be revealed. The Final 4 will be battling with each other on the Final Judgment. People will choose who they want to win the competition by text voting. 30% of the result will come from the text votes and the remaining 70% is from the StarStruck council.

Contestant Age Hometown
Alvin Aragon 15 San Juan
Anton dela Paz 17 Quezon City
Christian Esteban 18 Tuguegarao City
Cristine Reyes 14 Marikina
Dion Ignacio 17 Laguna
Jade Lopez 16 Batangas
Jennylyn Mercado 16 Las Piñas
Katrina Halili 17 Palawan
Mark Herras 16 Laguna
Nadine Samonte 15 Germany
Rainier Castillo 18 Quezon City
Sheena Halili 16 Pampanga
Tyron Perez 18 Tarlac
Yasmien Kurdi 14 San Juan

The Final Judgment

The winner was announced on a two-hour TV special dubbed StarStruck Final Judgment held on February 1, 2004 at the Araneta Coliseum, the venue of the event was jampacked with an estimated 15,000 StarStruck fans and supporters and almost the same number of fans used to wait outside the venue because of seats' insufficiency. Jennylyn Mercado of Las Piñas is the "Ultimate Female Survivor" and Mark Herras of Laguna is the "Ultimate Male Survivor" were proclaimed the "Ultimate Survivors" and each of them received (P 1,000,000) pesos each plus exclusive contracts from GMA Network. While Yasmien Kurdi of San Juan and Rainier Castillo of Quezon City were proclaimed the "Runner-up" each of them received (P 100,000) pesos each and exclusive GMA Network contracts. The "Starstruck Avengers" also received and exclusive contracts from the network. During the Judgment Day, it was also announced that the Final 14 will be having our own show.

The Final Judgment rated 42.8%, impressively high for a late Sunday night telecast, the Starstruck Final Judgment was the only TV event that narrowly matched the Eat Bulaga Silver anniversary special.

The First Final Judgment night's theme was based on the popular film The Matrix.

Signature Dances

There are signature dances and songs made in each batch. With this batch, their signature dances and songs are:

Stage 1: The StarStruck Playhouse and Stage 1: LIVE!

Because of the StarStruck fever, GMA Network created a new show, Stage 1: The StarStruck Playhouse. The StarStruck test continues on this show where the Final 14 have to prove their staying power in the business. Every week from Mondays to Thursdays, the show presents a miniseries starring the StarStruck 1 Final 14, but this time their acting prowess is put into test. The show already went off the air with high ratings.

Fridays would serve as critical day because the audience will judge their performance for the week through text messaging. An acting award is also given to the survivor who excelled in that week. Stage 1: LIVE! is also somewhat a variety show for the Survivors. If Mondays to Thursdays, they showed their acting skills, during Fridays, they are able to show their dancing, singing and hosting prowess. The show was hosted by Chynna Ortaleza and Cogie Domingo with Raymond Gutierrez. The show already went off the air.

Elimination Chart

Male Female Final 14 Final 4
StarStruck Avenger Runner-up Ultimate Survivor
Challenge Winner Safe Bottom Group Eliminated
Week (2003-2004) 11/07 11/14 11/21 11/28 12/05 12/12 12/19 12/26 01/021 01/092 02/01
Place Contestant Result
1–2 Mark Herras Safe Safe Safe Bottom 5 Bottom 5 CW Safe Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Final 4 Ultimate Male Survivor
Jennylyn Mercado Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe CW Safe CW Bottom 3 Safe Final 4 Ultimate Female Survivor
3–4 Rainier Castillo Safe Safe CW Bottom 5 Safe Bottom 4 Safe CW Safe Final 4 First Prince
Yasmien Kurdi Bottom 3 Safe Safe CW Bottom 5 Safe Safe Safe CW Final 4 First Princess
5-6 Nadine Samonte Safe Safe Safe Bottom 5 Bottom 5 Safe Bottom 3 Safe Bottom 3 Elim StarStruck Avenger
Dion Ignacio Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 4 Bottom 3 Safe Bottom 3
7 Christian Esteban Safe Safe Safe Bottom 5 Safe Safe Safe Elim
8 Katrina Halili CW Safe Safe Safe Safe Bottom 4 Elim
9 Tyron Perez Safe Safe Bottom 3 Safe Bottom 5 Elim
10 Sheena Halili Safe CW Safe Bottom 5 Elim
11 Jade Lopez Bottom 3 Bottom 3 Safe Elim
12 Anton dela Paz Safe Bottom 3 Elim
13 Cristine Reyes Safe Elim
14 Alvin Aragon Elim
  1. ^ It was a non-elimination week. The bottom group are Mark Herras, Nadine Samonte and Dion Ignacio, But next week the two survivors were eliminated from the competition on January 9, 2004.
  2. ^ The Final 4 was chosen on January 9, 2004. And the last avengers are Dion Ignacio and Nadine Samonte, The first called to eliminated is Dion Ignacio and the second called is Nadine Samonte.

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