Stan Kugell

Stan Kugell
Nationality American

Harvard Law School[1] Harvard University Kennedy School of Government[1] Stanford University[1]

Massachusetts Institute of Technology[1]
Occupation Investor, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Syndicated Radio Host
Organization MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab, Xerox PARC
Notable work Dired, Javelin Software, Telephone and Geolocation Patents
Board member of

Chairman Alfama, Inc., Chairman Fairfield Computer Corporation, Former Chairman A-FAX, Former Chairman All-Desk,[2] Former Board of Overseers Boston Baroque, Former Director Buckminster Corporation, Former Director FaxNet, Former Director Javelin Software, Former Director Office One,

Former Chairman Wizi[3]

PC Magazine Technical Excellence[4]

InfoWorld Software Product of the Year[5][6]

Stan Kugell is an American investor, entrepreneur, inventor, and computer scientist.[7] He is current or former director of over a dozen corporate and non-profit boards,[7] and remains active advising technology entrepreneurs.[7][8] He was a research scientist at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab,[9] where he invented Dired.[10][11] At the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center he and Ed McCreight built the first voicemail system.[7] He co-founded Javelin Software and was primary designer of its user interface.[12][13] He is inventor or co-inventor of seven U.S. and international patents and applications. [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] He co-hosted Kugell & McLaughlin, a nationally syndicated political talk radio program, and served as a commentator on the public radio show Marketplace and on the Pacifica Radio Network.


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