Stampetta Bridge

Stampetta Bridge
Štampetov most
Carries Ljubljana–Sežana Railroad
Locale Vrhnika, Slovenia
Total length 100.6 m (330 ft)[1]
Construction end 1856[1]

The Stampetta Bridge (Slovene: Štampetov most, German: Stampetta-Viaduct[2][3]) is a railroad viaduct south of Vrhnika, Slovenia. It is named after the engineer that built it.[4][5]

Eastern approach to the bridge

The Stampetta Bridge is originally a brick and stone structure that was built in 1856 as part of the Austrian Southern Railway.[1] During the Second World War, the bridge was badly damaged.[4] It was first damaged in 1941, but repaired by Italian forces.[1] Sabotage attacks were later carried out by Partisan forces in October 1943, June 1944, and September 1944 in order to disrupt German supply lines.[1] The bridge was repaired from 1945 to 1946.[1]

During the Yugoslav era, the Railway Workers Hiking Club (Planinsko društvo Železničar) of Ljubljana held an annual walk across the Stampetta Bridge.[6][7] Today the bridge also spans the A1 Freeway, where it is categorized as a 14.5 m (48 ft) tunnel.[8] During construction of the freeway, part of the bridge was altered;[4] an additional two arches were added to the original seven arches.[1]


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Coordinates: 45°56′26.74″N 14°16′37.45″E / 45.9407611°N 14.2770694°E / 45.9407611; 14.2770694

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