Stadio Pier Cesare Tombolato

Stadio Pier Cesare Tombolato
Location Cittadella, Italy Italy
Coordinates 45°38′34″N 11°46′52″E / 45.64278°N 11.78111°E / 45.64278; 11.78111Coordinates: 45°38′34″N 11°46′52″E / 45.64278°N 11.78111°E / 45.64278; 11.78111
Owner Municipality of Cittadella
Capacity 7,623[1]
Surface Grass
A.S. Cittadella

Stadio Pier Cesare Tombolato is a multi-use stadium in Cittadella, Italy. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of A.S. Cittadella. The stadium holds 7,623.

For the 2008-09 season, there're projects to boost the capacity of the stadium to 7,500, in order to let A.S. Cittadella play in their home town, though it will need a dispensation from the FIGC, that requires a stadium of at least 10,000 seats for Serie B. The end of the expansion is scheduled for the end of October 2008 and in the meanwhile Cittadella will play in Stadio Omobono Tenni in Treviso, about 40km away.[2][3] The first game in the renovated stadium has been against A.C. Ancona on October 29.


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