St Luke's Anglican Church, Toowoomba

Building and grounds, 2014
St. Lukes Church of England, Toowoomba, circa 1902
Closeup of building near war memorial plaque, 2014

St Luke's Anglican Church is a heritage-listed church, located at 152 Herries Street, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. It is the second church on the site.


The Reverend Benjamin Glennie had a plan to establish the (then) Church of England on the Darling Downs through four churches in the larger towns named after the four apostles: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.[1]

The first church on the site was established by the Reverend Benjamin Glennie in 1857. In 1892 John Hingeston Buckeridge (the architect of the diocese) was instructed to design a new church, which was constructed in 1895.[2]


The church has a sandstone base and bluestone walls and was to be built in the shape of a crucifix (but the original design was not fully completed).[2]


Vincent Ransome, 1860

Heritage listing

The church was listed on the Queensland Heritage Register on 28 July 2000.[2]

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