St. Nicholas Cathedral, Nizhyn

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Cathedral
Собор святого Миколая Чудотворця

The Cathedral in 2007
51°02′53″N 31°53′13″E / 51.04806°N 31.88694°E / 51.04806; 31.88694Coordinates: 51°02′53″N 31°53′13″E / 51.04806°N 31.88694°E / 51.04806; 31.88694
Location Nizhyn
Country Ukraine
Denomination Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)
Founded from 1654 to 1658
Dedication Saint Nicholas
Style Ukrainian Baroque

St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nizhyn (Ukrainian: Собор Святого Миколая, Sobor Sviatoho Mykolaia) is the main Eastern Orthodoxy church of Nizhyn eparchy in the Ukraine. The powerful centric 55-metres high building with five domes has become a prototype Ukrainian baroque architecture of stone five-domed cruciform churches. The cathedral reproduces in brick the techniques conventional to Ukrainian wooden folk architecture.

The special and parade role of building is likewise emphasized in the interior, where the both sides of the main entrance are arranged with placing special loggias for regimental starshyna. The predominant location of the cathedral among the surrounding city buildings is still beyond the competition, although the public centre moved to the other square. The main axis of the city goes from the market the Oster River.

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