St Leger Stakes

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St Leger Stakes
Group 1 race
Location Doncaster Racecourse
Doncaster, England
Inaugurated 1776
Race type Flat / Thoroughbred
Sponsor Ladbrokes
Website Doncaster
Race information
Distance 1 mi 6 fur 132 yd (2,937 m)
Surface Turf
Track Left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds
excluding geldings
Weight 9 st 0 lb
3 lb for fillies
Purse £700,000 (2016)
1st: £396,970
St Leger Stakes
Harbour Law Ventura Storm Housesofparliament

The St Leger Stakes (spelt without a full stop in UK English) is a Group 1 flat horse race in Great Britain open to three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies. It is run at Doncaster over a distance of 1-mile, 6 furlongs and 132 yards (2,937 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in September.

Established in 1776, the St Leger is the oldest of Britain's five Classics. It is the last of the five to be run each year, and its distance is longer than any of the other four.

The St Leger is the final leg of the English Triple Crown, which begins with the 2000 Guineas and continues with the Derby. It also completes the Fillies' Triple Crown, following on from the 1000 Guineas and the Oaks. The St Leger has rarely featured Triple Crown contenders in recent decades, with the only one in recent years being the 2012 2,000 Guineas and Derby winner Camelot, who finished second in the St Leger.


Early years

The event was devised by Anthony St Leger, an army officer and politician who lived near Doncaster. It was initially referred to as "A Sweepstake of 25 Guineas", and its original distance was two miles. The rules stipulated that colts and geldings were to carry 8 st, and fillies would receive an allowance of 2 lb.

The inaugural running was held at Cantley Common on 24 September 1776. The first winner was an unnamed filly owned by the event's organiser, the 2nd Marquess of Rockingham. The filly was later named Allabaculia.

The title St Leger Stakes was decided at a dinner party held in 1776 at The Red Lion Inn located in the Market place Doncaster to discuss the following year's race. It was suggested that it should be called the Rockingham Stakes in honour of the host, the Marquess of Rockingham, but the Marquess proposed that it should be named instead after Anthony St Leger. The event was moved to its present location, Town Moor, in 1778.[1]

The race came to national prominence in 1800, when a horse called Champion registered the first Derby-St Leger double. Its length was cut to 1 mile, 6 furlongs and 193 yards in 1813, and despite some minor alterations has remained much the same ever since. The victory of West Australian in 1853 completed the first success in the Triple Crown.


The St Leger Stakes was closed to geldings in 1906. It was transferred to Newmarket during World War I, and the substitute event was called the September Stakes. It was cancelled in 1939 because of the outbreak of World War II, and the following year's edition was held at Thirsk in November. For the remainder of this period it was staged at Manchester (1941), Newmarket (1942–44) and York (1945).

The race was switched to Ayr in 1989 after the scheduled running at Doncaster was abandoned due to subsidence. The 2006 race took place at York because its regular venue was closed for redevelopment.

The St Leger Stakes has inspired a number of similar events around the world, although many are no longer restricted to three-year-olds. European variations include the Irish St Leger, the Prix Royal-Oak, the Deutsches St Leger and the St Leger Italiano. Other national equivalents include the Kikuka Shō, the New Zealand St Leger and the VRC St Leger.


Leading jockey (9 wins):

Leading trainer (16 wins):

Leading owner (7 wins):


Year Winner Jockey Trainer Owner Time
1776 Allabaculia John Singleton Christopher Scaife 2nd Marq. of Rockingham
1777 Bourbon John Cade William Sotheron
1778 Hollandoise George Herring Joseph Rose Sir Thomas Gascoigne
1779 Tommy George Lowry Joseph Rose Thomas Stapleton
1780 Ruler John Mangle William Bethell
1781 Serina Richard Foster J. Lowther William Radcliffe
1782 Imperatrix George Searle George Searle Henry Goodricke
1783 Phoenomenon Anthony Hall Isaac Cape Sir John Lister Kaye
1784 Omphale John Kirton M. Mason John Coates
1785 Cowslip George Searle George Searle Richard Hill
1786 Paragon John Mangle John Mangle Lord Archibald Hamilton
1787 Spadille John Mangle John Mangle Lord Archibald Hamilton
1788 Young Flora John Mangle John Mangle Lord Archibald Hamilton
1789 Pewett [a] William Wilson Christopher Scaife 4th Earl Fitzwilliam
1790 Ambidexter George Searle George Searle Mr Dealtry
1791 Young Traveller John Jackson John Hutchinson John Hutchinson
1792 Tartar John Mangle John Mangle Lord Archibald Hamilton
1793 Ninety-three Bill Peirse John Clifton
1794 Beningbrough John Jackson John Hutchinson John Hutchinson
1795 Hambletonian Dixon Boyce John Hutchinson Sir Charles Turner
1796 Ambrosio John Jackson Frank Neale Joseph Cookson
1797 Lounger John Shepherd George Searle Gilbert Crompton
1798 Symmetry John Jackson Sam King Sir Thomas Gascoigne
1799 Cockfighter Tom Fields Tom Fields Sir Henry Tempest Vane
1800 Champion Frank Buckle Tom Perren Christopher Wilson
1801 Quiz John Shepherd George Searle Gilbert Crompton
1802 Orville John Singleton, Jr. Christopher Scaife 4th Earl Fitzwilliam
1803 Remembrancer Ben Smith J. Smith 10th Earl of Strathmore
1804 Sancho Frank Buckle Bartle Atkinson Harry Mellish
1805 Staveley John Jackson Bartle Atkinson Harry Mellish
1806 Fyldener Tom Carr John Clifton
1807 Paulina Bill Clift Christopher Scaife 4th Earl Fitzwilliam
1808 Petronius Ben Smith William Theakston 9th Duke of Hamilton
1809 Ashton Ben Smith William Theakston 9th Duke of Hamilton
1810 Octavian Bill Clift Frank Jordan 6th Duke of Leeds
1811 Soothsayer Ben Smith Tommy Sykes Richard Oliver Gascoigne
1812 Otterington Bob Johnson W. Hessletine Ralph Robb
1813 Altisidora John Jackson Tommy Sykes Richard Watt
1814 William John Shepherd William Theakston 9th Duke of Hamilton
1815 Filho da Puta John Jackson James Croft Sir William Maxwell
1816 The Duchess Ben Smith James Croft Sir Bellingham Graham
1817 Ebor Bob Johnson John Lonsdale Henry Peirse
1818 Reveller Bob Johnson John Lonsdale Henry Peirse
1819 Antonio Tom Nicholson John Lonsdale James Ferguson
1820 St Patrick Bob Johnson John Lonsdale Sir Edward Smith 3:26.0
1821 Jack Spigot Bill Scott Isaac Blades Thomas Orde-Powlett
1822 Theodore John Jackson James Croft Edward Petre 3:23.0[2]
1823 Barefoot Tom Goodisson Richard Shepherd Richard Watt
1824 Jerry Ben Smith James Croft Richard Oliver Gascoigne
1825 Memnon Bill Scott Richard Shepherd Richard Watt
1826 Tarrare George Nelson Sam King 6th Earl of Scarbrough
1827 Matilda Jem Robinson John Scott Edward Petre
1828 The Colonel Bill Scott John Scott Edward Petre
1829 Rowton Bill Scott John Scott Edward Petre
1830 Birmingham Patrick Conolly Thomas Flintoff John Beardsworth
1831 Chorister John Barham Day John Smith 1st Marq. of Cleveland
1832 Margrave Jem Robinson John Scott John Gully
1833 Rockingham Sam Darling Richard Shepherd Richard Watt
1834 Touchstone George Calloway John Scott 1st Marq. of Westminster
1835 Queen of Trumps Tommy Lye John Blenkhorn Edward Lloyd-Mostyn
1836 Elis John Barham Day John Doe Lord George Bentinck
1837 Mango Sam Day, Jr. Montgomery Dilly Charles Greville
1838 Don John Bill Scott John Scott 6th Earl of Chesterfield
1839 Charles the Twelfth [b] Bill Scott John Scott Major Yarburgh 3:25.00
1840 Launcelot Bill Scott John Scott 1st Marq. of Westminster 3:40.00
1841 Satirist Bill Scott John Scott 1st Marq. of Westminster
1842 Blue Bonnet Tommy Lye Tom Dawson 13th Earl of Eglinton
1843 Nutwith Job Marson Bob Johnson Samuel Wrather
1844 Faugh-a-Ballagh Henry Bell John Forth Edward John Irwin
1845 The Baron Frank Butler John Scott George Watts
1846 Sir Tatton Sykes Bill Scott William Oates Bill Scott
1847 Van Tromp Job Marson John Fobert 13th Earl of Eglinton
1848 Surplice Nat Flatman Robert Stephenson, Jr. 3rd Viscount Clifden 3:19.00
1849 The Flying Dutchman Charlie Marlow John Fobert 13th Earl of Eglinton
1850 Voltigeur [c] Job Marson Robert Hill 2nd Earl of Zetland
1851 Newminster Sim Templeman John Scott Anthony Nichol
1852 Stockwell John Norman William Harlock 2nd Marquess of Exeter
1853 West Australian Frank Butler John Scott John Bowes
1854 Knight of St George Robert Basham R. Longstaff J. B. Morris
1855 Saucebox John Wells Tom Parr Tom Parr
1856 Warlock Nat Flatman John Scott Anthony Nichol
1857 Imperieuse Nat Flatman John Scott John Scott
1858 Sunbeam Luke Snowden John Prince James Merry
1859 Gamester Tom Aldcroft John Scott Sir Charles Monck
1860 St Albans Luke Snowden Alec Taylor, Sr. 2nd Marq. of Ailesbury 3:20.00
1861 Caller Ou Tom Chaloner William I'Anson William I'Anson 3:16.20
1862 The Marquis Tom Chaloner John Scott Stanhope Hawke
1863 Lord Clifden John Osborne, Jr. Edwin Parr 3rd Viscount St Vincent
1864 Blair Athol Jim Snowden William I'Anson William I'Anson
1865 Gladiateur Harry Grimshaw Tom Jennings Frédéric de Lagrange
1866 Lord Lyon Harry Custance James Dover Richard Sutton
1867 Achievement Tom Chaloner James Dover Mark Pearson
1868 Formosa Tom Chaloner Henry Woolcott William Graham
1869 Pero Gomez John Wells John Porter Sir Joseph Hawley
1870 Hawthornden Jemmy Grimshaw Joseph Dawson Thomas Vaughan Morgan
1871 Hannah Charlie Maidment Joseph Hayhoe Mayer de Rothschild 3:22.00
1872 Wenlock Charlie Maidment Tom Wadlow 2nd Earl of Wilton
1873 Marie Stuart Tom Osborne Robert Peck James Merry
1874 Apology John Osborne, Jr. William Osborne John King 3:16.00
1875 Craig Millar Tom Chaloner Alec Taylor, Sr. William Stirling Crawfurd
1876 Petrarch Jem Goater John Dawson Viscount Dupplin
1877 Silvio Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth 3:27.00
1878 Jannette Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth 3:20.50
1879 Rayon d'Or Jem Goater Tom Jennings Frédéric de Lagrange
1880 Robert the Devil Tom Cannon, Sr. Charles Blanton Charles Brewer 3:32.00
1881 Iroquois Fred Archer Jacob Pincus Pierre Lorillard 3:20.60
1882 Dutch Oven Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 6th Viscount Falmouth 3:16.00
1883 Ossian John Watts Richard Marsh 12th Duke of Hamilton 3:19.00
1884 The Lambkin John Watts Mathew Dawson Robert Vyner 3:14.00
1885 Melton Fred Archer Mathew Dawson 20th Baron Hastings 3:15.60
1886 Ormonde Fred Archer John Porter 1st Duke of Westminster 3:21.4
1887 Kilwarlin Jack Robinson James Jewitt 7th Baron Rodney
1888 Seabreeze Jack Robinson James Jewitt 5th Baron Calthorpe 3:11.8
1889 Donovan Fred Barrett George Dawson 6th Duke of Portland 3:13.00
1890 Memoir John Watts George Dawson 6th Duke of Portland 3:13.60
1891 Common George Barrett John Porter Sir Frederick Johnstone 3:14.40
1892 La Fleche John Watts John Porter Maurice de Hirsch 3:14.60
1893 Isinglass Tommy Loates James Jewitt Harry McCalmont 3:13.40
1894 Throstle Morny Cannon John Porter 1st Baron Alington 3:12.20
1895 Sir Visto Sam Loates Mathew Dawson 5th Earl of Rosebery 3:18.40
1896 Persimmon John Watts Richard Marsh HRH Prince of Wales 3:20.00
1897 Galtee More Charles Wood Sam Darling John Gubbins 3:31.20
1898 Wildfowler Charles Wood Sam Darling Henry Greer
1899 Flying Fox Morny Cannon John Porter 1st Duke of Westminster 3:15.60
1900 Diamond Jubilee Herbert Jones Richard Marsh HRH Prince of Wales 3:09.20
1901 Doricles Kempton Cannon Alfred Hayhoe Leopold de Rothschild 3:08.40
1902 Sceptre Fred Hardy Bob Sievier Bob Sievier 3:12.40
1903 Rock Sand Danny Maher George Blackwell Sir James Miller 3:09.40
1904 Pretty Polly Willie Lane Peter Gilpin Eustace Loder 3:05.80
1905 Challacombe Otto Madden Alec Taylor, Jr. Washington Singer 3:05.40
1906 Troutbeck George Stern Willie Waugh 2nd Duke of Westminster 3:04.20
1907 Wool Winder Bill Halsey Harry Enoch Ned Baird 3:05.60
1908 Your Majesty Walter Griggs Charles Morton Jack Joel 3:06.00
1909 Bayardo Danny Maher Alec Taylor, Jr. Alfred Cox 3:08.60
1910 Swynford Frank Wootton George Lambton 17th Earl of Derby 3:04.00
1911 Prince Palatine Frank O'Neill Henry Beardsley Thomas Pilkington 3:06.00
1912 Tracery George Bellhouse John Watson August Belmont, Jr. 3:11.80
1913 Night Hawk Elijah Wheatley Jack Robinson William Hall Walker 3:03.60
1914 Black Jester Walter Griggs Charles Morton Jack Joel 3:02.60
1915 Pommern Steve Donoghue Charles Peck Solomon Joel 2:55.60
1916 Hurry On Charlie Childs Fred Darling James Buchanan 2:59.60
1917 Gay Crusader Steve Donoghue Alec Taylor, Jr. Alfred Cox 2:59.60
1918 Gainsborough Joe Childs Alec Taylor, Jr. Lady James Douglas 3:04.00
1919 Keysoe Brownie Carslake George Lambton 17th Earl of Derby 3:06.80
1920 Caligula Arthur Smith Jack Leader Mathradas Goculdas 3:07.40
1921 Polemarch Joe Childs Tom Green 7th Marq. of Londonderry 3:06.80
1922 Royal Lancer Bobby Jones Alf Sadler, Jr. 5th Earl of Lonsdale 3:14.20
1923 Tranquil Tommy Weston Charles Morton 17th Earl of Derby 3:05.00
1924 Salmon-Trout Brownie Carslake Dick Dawson HH Aga Khan III 3:13.20
1925 Solario Joe Childs Reginald Day Sir John Rutherford 3:04.40
1926 Coronach Joe Childs Fred Darling 1st Baron Woolavington 3:01.60
1927 Book Law Henri Jelliss Alec Taylor, Jr. 2nd Viscount Astor 3:14.40
1928 Fairway Tommy Weston Frank Butters 17th Earl of Derby 3:03.00
1929 Trigo Michael Beary Dick Dawson William Barnett 3:03.40
1930 Singapore Gordon Richards Thomas Hogg 1st Baron Glanely 3:09.20
1931 Sandwich Harry Wragg Jack Jarvis 6th Earl of Rosebery 3:11.20
1932 Firdaussi Freddie Fox Frank Butters HH Aga Khan III 3:04.40
1933 Hyperion Tommy Weston George Lambton 17th Earl of Derby 3:06.80
1934 Windsor Lad Charlie Smirke Marcus Marsh Martin H. Benson 3:01.60
1935 Bahram Charlie Smirke Frank Butters HH Aga Khan III 3:01.80
1936 Boswell Pat Beasley Cecil Boyd-Rochfort William Woodward 3:08.60
1937 Chulmleigh Gordon Richards Thomas Hogg 1st Baron Glanely 3:07.40
1938 Scottish Union Brownie Carslake Noel Cannon Jimmy Rank 3:11.40
1939 no race
1940 Turkhan Gordon Richards Frank Butters HH Aga Khan III 3:32.40
1941 Sun Castle Georges Bridgland Cecil Boyd-Rochfort 1st Viscount Portal 3:04.00
1942 Sun Chariot Gordon Richards Fred Darling HM King George VI 3:08.40
1943 Herringbone Harry Wragg Walter Earl 17th Earl of Derby 3:05.00
1944 Tehran Gordon Richards Frank Butters HH Aga Khan III 3:06.60
1945 Chamossaire Tommy Lowrey Dick Perryman Stanhope Joel 2:55.80
1946 Airborne Tommy Lowrey Dick Perryman John Ferguson 3:10.20
1947 Sayajirao Edgar Britt Sam Armstrong HH Maharaja of Baroda 3:07.80
1948 Black Tarquin Edgar Britt Cecil Boyd-Rochfort William Woodward 3:08.80
1949 Ridge Wood Michael Beary Noel Murless Geoffrey Smith 3:08.20
1950 Scratch Rae Johnstone Charles Semblat Marcel Boussac 3:08.80
1951 Talma Rae Johnstone Charles Semblat Marcel Boussac 3:13.80
1952 Tulyar Charlie Smirke Marcus Marsh HH Aga Khan III 3:07.80
1953 Premonition Eph Smith Cecil Boyd-Rochfort Wilfrid Wyatt 3:06.80
1954 Never Say Die Charlie Smirke Joseph Lawson Robert Sterling Clark 3:10.60
1955 Meld Harry Carr Cecil Boyd-Rochfort Lady Zia Wernher 3:14.60
1956 Cambremer Freddie Palmer Georges Bridgland Ralph Strassburger 3:12.20
1957 Ballymoss Tommy Burns Vincent O'Brien John McShain 3:15.60
1958 Alcide Harry Carr Cecil Boyd-Rochfort Sir Humphrey de Trafford 3:06.40
1959 Cantelo Edward Hide Charles Elsey William Hill 3:04.60
1960 St. Paddy Lester Piggott Noel Murless Sir Victor Sassoon 3:13.20
1961 Aurelius Lester Piggott Noel Murless Vera Lilley 3:06.60
1962 Hethersett Harry Carr Dick Hern Lionel Holliday 3:10.80
1963 Ragusa Garnie Bougoure Paddy Prendergast Jim Mullion 3:05.40
1964 Indiana Jimmy Lindley Jack Watts Charles Engelhard 3:05.00
1965 Provoke Joe Mercer Dick Hern Jakie Astor 3:18.60
1966 Sodium Frankie Durr George Todd Radha Sigtia 3:09.80
1967 Ribocco Lester Piggott Fulke Johnson Houghton Charles Engelhard 3:05.40
1968 Ribero Lester Piggott Fulke Johnson Houghton Charles Engelhard 3:19.80
1969 Intermezzo Ron Hutchinson Harry Wragg Gerry Oldham 3:11.80
1970 Nijinsky Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien Charles Engelhard 3:06.40
1971 Athens Wood Lester Piggott Harry Thomson Jones Eileen Rogerson 3:14.90
1972 Boucher Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien Ogden Phipps 3:28.71
1973 Peleid Frankie Durr Bill Elsey William Behrens 3:08.21
1974 Bustino Joe Mercer Dick Hern Lady Beaverbrook 3:09.02
1975 Bruni Tony Murray Ryan Price Charles St George 3:05.31
1976 Crow Yves Saint-Martin Angel Penna Daniel Wildenstein 3:13.17
1977 Dunfermline Willie Carson Dick Hern HM Queen Elizabeth II 3:05.17
1978 Julio Mariner Edward Hide Clive Brittain Marcos Lemos 3:04.94
1979 Son of Love Alain Lequeux Robert Collet Alexis Rolland 3:09.02
1980 Light Cavalry Joe Mercer Henry Cecil Jim Joel 3:11.48
1981 Cut Above Joe Mercer Dick Hern Sir Jakie Astor 3:11.60
1982 Touching Wood Paul Cook Harry Thomson Jones Maktoum Al Maktoum 3:03.53
1983 Sun Princess Willie Carson Dick Hern Sir Michael Sobell 3:16.65
1984 Commanche Run Lester Piggott Luca Cumani Ivan Allan 3:09.93
1985 Oh So Sharp Steve Cauthen Henry Cecil Sheikh Mohammed 3:07.13
1986 Moon Madness Pat Eddery John Dunlop Duchess of Norfolk 3:05.03
1987 Reference Point Steve Cauthen Henry Cecil Louis Freedman 3:05.91
1988 Minster Son Willie Carson Neil Graham Lady Beaverbrook 3:06.80
1989 Michelozzo [d] Steve Cauthen Henry Cecil Charles St George 3:20.72
1990 Snurge Richard Quinn Paul Cole Martyn Arbib 3:08.78
1991 Toulon Pat Eddery André Fabre Khalid Abdullah 3:03.12
1992 User Friendly George Duffield Clive Brittain Bill Gredley 3:05.48
1993 Bob's Return Philip Robinson Mark Tompkins Jackie Smith 3:07.85
1994 Moonax Pat Eddery Barry Hills Sheikh Mohammed 3:04.19
1995 Classic Cliche Frankie Dettori Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 3:09.74
1996 Shantou Frankie Dettori John Gosden Sheikh Mohammed 3:05.10
1997 Silver Patriarch Pat Eddery John Dunlop Peter Winfield 3:06.92
1998 Nedawi John Reid Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 3:05.61
1999 Mutafaweq Richard Hills Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 3:02.75
2000 Millenary Richard Quinn John Dunlop Neil Jones 3:02.58
2001 Milan Michael Kinane Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Magnier 3:05.16
2002 Bollin Eric Kevin Darley Tim Easterby Sir Neil Westbrook 3:02.92
2003 Brian Boru Jamie Spencer Aidan O'Brien Sue Magnier 3:04.64
2004 Rule of Law Kerrin McEvoy Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 3:06.29
2005 Scorpion Frankie Dettori Aidan O'Brien Magnier / Tabor 3:19.01
2006 Sixties Icon [e] Frankie Dettori Jeremy Noseda Susan Roy 2:57.29
2007 Lucarno Jimmy Fortune John Gosden George Strawbridge 3:01.90
2008 Conduit Frankie Dettori Sir Michael Stoute Ballymacoll Stud 3:07.92
2009 Mastery Ted Durcan Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 3:04.81
2010 Arctic Cosmos William Buick John Gosden Hood / Geffen 3:03.12
2011 Masked Marvel William Buick John Gosden Bjorn Nielsen 3:00.44
2012 Encke Mickael Barzalona Mahmood Al Zarooni Godolphin Racing 3:03.81
2013 Leading Light Joseph O'Brien Aidan O'Brien Smith / Magnier / Tabor 3:09.20
2014 Kingston Hill Andrea Atzeni Roger Varian Paul Smith 3:05.42
2015 Simple Verse [f] Andrea Atzeni Ralph Beckett QRL / Al Thani / Al Kubaisi 3:07.12
2016 Harbour Law George Baker Laura Mongan Jackie Cornwell 3:05.48

a The 1789 race was awarded to Pewett after the first-placed Zanga was disqualified for jostling.
b The 1839 outcome was a dead-heat, but Charles the Twelfth beat Euclid in a run-off.
c The 1850 race finished as a dead-heat, but Voltigeur defeated Russborough in a run-off.
d The 1989 running took place at Ayr over 1-mile, 6 furlongs and 127 yards.
e The 2006 edition was contested at York over 1-mile, 5 furlongs and 197 yards.
f The 2015 race was initially awarded to Bondi Beach after the first-placed Simple Verse was disqualified, but the decision was reversed on 23 September 2015 after an appeal by Simple Verse's connections.[3]

Wartime races
  • 1915–18: The September Stakes at Newmarket (Rowley Mile) over 1-mile and 6 furlongs.
  • 1940: The Yorkshire St Leger Stakes at Thirsk over 1-mile and 7 furlongs.
  • 1941: The New St Leger Stakes at Manchester over 1-mile and 6 furlongs.
  • 1942–44: The New St Leger Stakes at Newmarket (Summer Course) over 1-mile, 6 furlongs and 150 yards.
  • 1945: The St Leger Stakes at York over 1-mile and 6 furlongs.

As the last of the classics, the race marks the end of summer in England.[4] The popular adage "sell in May and go away, come back on St Leger Day" suggests investors should sell their shares in May and buy again after the race.[5]

The Agatha Christie novel The ABC Murders has the St. Leger as a plot point near the end of the novel.

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