St. Joseph High School (Istanbul)

Lycee Saint Joseph

Lycée Saint-Joseph (Turkish: İstanbul Özel Saint-Joseph Fransız Lisesi) is a private high school located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a French school founded in 1870. Classes are taught in Turkish, French, and English.

This school was founded by Fran Society (Lasalle Institute). Fran Society (Lasalle Institute) was established by Saint Jean-Baptiste when it first came to Turkey in 1841. It has since opened schools in Izmir and Istanbul. Currently, Fran Society has 7,225 members, 60,000 teachers, and 785,127 students. They have 1,800 schools in 84 different countries. The school has celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1921, 100th in 1971 and 125th in 1996.[1]

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