St. John's Church, Plön

St. John's Church (German: Johanniskirche) in the north German town of Plön was built in 1685 when Plön's new town, Neustadt, was developed by Duke John Adolphus as an independent parish church.

The timber-framed hall church (Saalkirche) with its three-sided polygonal end was altered in 1861 by the installation of new windows and in 1910 when the interior was changed to the style of Gothic Revival.

Neustadt was an independent town until 1847. The church parishes of Plön-Altstadt and Plön-Neustadt were first united in 1934.

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Coordinates: 54°9′27″N 10°24′43″E / 54.15750°N 10.41194°E / 54.15750; 10.41194

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