Srae Ambel District

Srae Ambel
District (srok)
Country  Cambodia
Province Koh Kong
Communes 6
Villages 37
Population (1998)[1]
  Total 38,435
Time zone +7
Geocode 0906

Srae Ambel District (Khmer: ស្រុកស្រែអំបិល) is a district (srok) of Koh Kong Province, in south-western Cambodia.

Srae Ambel[2]
Khum (Commune) Phum (Villages)
Boeng Preav Ou Chrov, Boeng Preav, Chrouy, Phlaong, Sala Mneang, Steung Chhay, Tuek Paong
Chi Kha Kraom An Chh'aeut, Chambak, Khsach Kraham, Nea Pisei, Ta Baen, Preak Cheak
Chi Kha Leu Chhuk, Chi Kha, Ta Ni, Trapeang Kandaol
Chrouy Svay

Chrouy Svay Khang Leu, Nesat, Kampong Sdam, Saray, Phnum Sralau, Chheu Neang, Chrouy Svay Khang Kaeut, Kaev Phos

Dang Peaeng Ban Tiet, Dang Peaeng, Prang, Preah Angk Kaev, Thorng
Srae Ambel Chamkar Kraom, Khlong, Srae Ambel, Trapeang, Treak, Veal Cheung, Veal Tboung


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