Spider-Man No More!

"Spider-Man No More!"

Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1, 50 (Jul, 1967). Art by John Romita, Sr..
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date J 1967
Title(s) The Amazing Spider-Man #50
Main character(s) Spider-Man
Creative team
Writer(s) Stan Lee
Penciller(s) John Romita, Sr.
Inker(s) Mike Esposito
Letterer(s) Sam Rosen
Essential Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 3 ISBN 0-7851-1864-0

"Spider-Man No More!" is a one-issue Spider-Man story written by Stan Lee, with art by John Romita, Sr. Published by Marvel Comics, the story first appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #50.

Plot summary

Peter Parker attempts to give up his life as Spider-Man, but finds out that he is unable to let it go.

Collected editions

The story is included in the trade paperback Essential Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 3 (ISBN 0785118640).

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