Spey Bay

Spey Bay (Scottish Gaelic: Inbhir Spè) is a small settlement in Moray, Scotland. It is situated at the eastern side of the mouth of the River Spey on the coast of the Moray Firth between the village of Kingston on the western side of the Spey, and the fishing port of Buckie to the east.

Tourist attractions

The Tugnet icehouse, osprey sculpture to the right

Spey Bay is referenced in (but not the subject of) "Spey Bay Area Hardcore", the title of a song by local crossover thrash band Genetic Mutation. The song's subject is the active and stylistically diverse DIY metal and punk rock music scene of Moray since the mid-2000s; which boasts several active bands, many record releases, and for a while, all-ages gigs held in village halls across the central laich of Moray. The term "Spey Bay Area Hardcore" was coined by local Bry Parasite, as an amalgamation of Spey Bay, and Bay Area hardcore, a flavour of hardcore which originated in the Bay Area of San Francisco, United States. The song "Spey Bay Area Hardcore" appears on studio recordings[2] and is still played live by Genetic Mutation.

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