Spandauer Kirchenmusikschule

The Spandauer Kirchenmusikschule (Spandau school of church music) was a music academy in Spandau, Berlin, Germany, where composer Ernst Pepping was an influential teacher. It was housed in the "Heinrich-Schütz-Haus" in Spandau and was closed in 1998.[1] The schools choir appeared as the Spandauer Kantorei.

The last director was Martin Behrmann, who published a Handbuch für Chorleitung (manual for choral conducting). Students of the Spandauer Kirchenmusikschule formed the base of the Spandauer Kantorei (Spandau chorale), a mixed choir which presented numerous concerts and radio broadcasts in Berlin.[1]

Notable teachers included composers Hugo Distler and Heinz Werner Zimmermann, his wife Renate Zimmermann, the organists Heinz Lohmann and Karl Hochreither, composer Winfried Radeke and the conductors Hanns-Martin Schneidt and Helmuth Rilling (until 1966).


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