South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast

Map of the South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast in 1922

The South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast (Russian: Юго-Осетинская автономная область, Georgian: სამხრეთ ოსეთის ავტონომიური ოლქი, Ossetian: Хуссар Ирыстоны автономон бӕстӕ) was an autonomous oblast of the Soviet Union created within the Georgian SSR on April 20, 1922. Its autonomy was revoked on December 10, 1990 by the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR, leading to the First South Ossetian War. Currently, its territory is controlled by the breakaway Republic of South Ossetia.

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Coordinates: 42°20′N 44°00′E / 42.333°N 44.000°E / 42.333; 44.000

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