South Hamgyong Province

This article is about the province of North Korea. For the hypothetical province claimed by the Republic of Korea, see South Hamgyeong Province, Republic of Korea.
South Hamgyong Province
Korean transcription(s)
  Hangul 함경남도
  Hanja 咸鏡南道
  McCuneReischauer Hamgyŏngnam-do
  Revised Romanization Hamgyeongnam-do
Country North Korea
Region Kwannam
Capital Hamhung
Subdivisions 3 cities; 15 counties
  Total 18,970 km2 (7,320 sq mi)
Population (2008)[1]
  Total 3,066,013
  Density 160/km2 (420/sq mi)
Dialect Hamgyong
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South Hamgyong Province (Hamgyŏngnamdo) is a province of North Korea. The province was formed in 1896 from the southern half of the former Hamgyong Province, remained a province of Korea until 1945, then became a province of North Korea. Its capital is Hamhung.


The province is bordered by Ryanggang to the north, North Hamgyong to the northeast, Kangwon to the south, and South Pyongan to the west. On the east of the province is the Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea).

Administrative divisions

South Hamgyong is divided into 3 cities ("si"), 2 districts (1 "gu" and 1 "chigu"), and 15 counties ("gun").[2] These are further divided into villages (ri and dong, with dong also denoting neighborhoods in cities), with each county additionally having one town (up) which acts as its administrative center. These are detailed on each county’s individual page. Some cities are also divided into wards known as "guyok", which are administered just below the city level and also listed on the individual page.





Coordinates: 40°14′24″N 127°31′52″E / 40.240°N 127.531°E / 40.240; 127.531

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