South American Junior Rugby Championship

South American Junior Rugby Championship
Sport Rugby union
Founded 1972
No. of teams 9
Continent South America
Most recent

The South American Junior Rugby Championship is an annual rugby union competition that features teams from South America. The tournament began in 1972 with Argentina as the host, which saw the locals win the title. It wasn't until 2008 when the first official Division B tournament was held, which was eventually won by Brazil. In 2014, an addition competition was added, CONSUR Cup, which is contested by Argentina and the top team of the A Division the same year.

In 1999, it changed the minimum age permitted from U18 to U19. Since 2004, the tournament champion (excluding Argentina) qualifies to the next year´s World Rugby Under 20 Trophy organised by the World Rugby. Argentina automatically qualifies for the World Rugby Under 20 Championship.

Current divisions (2015)

Division A
Division B
 Mexico (invited)


Junior Consur Cup

Year Host Winner Runner-up
2014 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina  Uruguay
2015 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Uruguay

Past Tournaments 1972–2014

Division A

Year Host Winner Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place Fifth Place
1972 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay  Brazil
1974 various  Argentina ? ? ? ?
1976 Chile Chile  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Paraguay
1978 Brazil Brazil  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Paraguay  Chile
1980 ?  Uruguay[1] ? ? ?
1982 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina  Uruguay  Paraguay  Chile  Brazil
1984 Chile Chile  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
1986 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
1988 Paraguay Paraguay  Argentina  Uruguay  Paraguay  Chile  Brazil
1990 Chile Chile  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Brazil  Paraguay
1993 various  Argentina ? ? ? ?
1994 various  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Brazil  Paraguay
1996 Chile Chile  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Paraguay
1998 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile
1999 Brazil Brazil  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile ? ?
2000 Chile Chile  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
2002 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
2003 Paraguay Paraguay  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
2004 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Paraguay
2005 Chile Chile  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
2006 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Paraguay
2007 Uruguay Uruguay  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Paraguay
2008 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
2009 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Paraguay
2010 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Paraguay
2011 Paraguay Paraguay  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
2012 Argentina Argentina  Argentina  Chile  Uruguay  Paraguay
2013 Brazil Brazil  Argentina  Uruguay  Chile  Brazil
2014 Uruguay Uruguay  Uruguay  Chile  Brazil  Paraguay
2015 Paraguay Paraguay  Uruguay  Chile  Brazil  Paraguay

Past Tournaments 2008–2014

Division B

Year Host Winner Runner-up Third Place Fourth Place
2008 Brazil Brazil  Brazil  Colombia  Peru  Venezuela
2009 Peru Peru  Colombia  Peru  Venezuela
2010 Colombia Colombia  Colombia  Peru  Venezuela  Costa Rica
2011 Peru Peru  Colombia  Venezuela  Peru  Costa Rica
2012 Venezuela Venezuela  Brazil  Colombia  Venezuela  Peru
2013 Paraguay Paraguay  Paraguay  Colombia  Peru  Venezuela
2014 Peru Peru  Colombia  Mexico  Peru  Venezuela

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