Sous le soleil

Sous le soleil
Created by Olivier Brémond and Pascal Breton
Starring Adeline Blondieau
Bénédicte Delmas
Tonya Kinzinger
Country of origin France
No. of episodes 480
Running time 60 minutes
Original network TF1
Original release 13 March 1996 – 20 December 2008

Sous le soleil (Under the sun; French pronunciation: [su lə sɔ.lɛj]) is a French soap opera broadcast on French major channel TF1 from 1996 to 2008. A spin-off, Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez has been broadcast in French channel TMC since 2013.


It has been a huge success in many countries, particularly in Latin America, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Russia, Turkey and Poland. In different times it was also shown in Hungary, Ukraine, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Greece, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, USA and many other countries. In Serbia, the show has been on air continuously since 1998 on several different channels; as of 2009, the show is being syndicated in its entirety on several local television channels. In Montenegro (as well as in Serbia through cable), new episodes are being shown on Atlas TV.

Plot and characters

The plot focuses on the lives and romances of Laure, Caroline and Jessica, three young women living in Saint-Tropez, on the French Riviera. Laure is a sensitive woman working as a doctor in a hospital of Saint-Tropez. Caroline is a willful and smart woman who works hard to make it as a singer and a lawyer. Jessica is a beautiful American blonde who works as a bartender, a model and a dancer.




The Sous Le Soleil (Theme Song) is by Avy Marciano.

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