Sound of Boot

Sound of Boot

DVD cover
Directed by Shaji Kailas
Produced by Sai-Meera Productions
Written by Rajesh Jayaraman
Starring Suresh Gopi
Honey Rose
Music by Ishaan Dev
Cinematography R. Raja Ratnam
Edited by Arun Kumar
Release dates
Country India
Language Malayalam

Sound of Boot is a 2008 psychological thriller by Shaji Kailas starring Suresh Gopi, Bala, Honey Rose and Murali. The movie, which is basically, dubbed as an investigative thriller, is shot like a psychological thriller. It is story is highly based on Rashomon Effect. Even its plot is similar to Akira Kurosawa's all time classic Rashomon.


Holiday Home is a tourist resort in the high ranges of Kerala. It is frequented by tourists and by newly married couples who come to honeymoon here. Sankaranarayanan (Murali) is the care taker of the Holiday Home. Rahul Krishna (Bala) comes to Holiday Home with Meera Nambiar (Honey Rose).

The next day Meera Nambiar is found murdered. SP Siddharth Mahadev (Suresh Gopi) comes for the investigation. Everyone who is involved with the crime gives a different story to the SP. The rest of the film is about this crime investigation.


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